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Name :Anil D Nivargi
Company :Robert Bosch

His Experience in his words

Hi...... Im Anil D Nivargi From PDA Engineering college Gulbarga. i attended Robert Bosch Written test on 6th of Dec 2010 in RLJIT Doddaballapur Bangalore. Nearly 6000 to 7000 people attended dat intrw bt 1st round cleared only 500. i m ece student. i know only EC related question paper. i dont knw CS questions.. In this test contains two parts
  • part-A(Q1-35 for technical)
  • part -B(Q36-60 apti n english language)
Total duration is 60 minutes....

Part-A technical

1) When the positive voltage on the gate of a P-channel JFET is increased,the drain current will
a)increase b)decrease c)remain same d)any of the above

2) its voltage feedback circuit..i forgot that circuit..

3) If a transistor is operating with both of its junctions forward biased,but with the collector-base forward bias greater than the emitter-base forward bias,then it is operating in the
a)Forward Active mode b) Reverse saturation mode
c)Reverse active mode d)Forward saturation mode

4) they have given oscillating circuit & asked the question wts o/p?
Ans:Square wave

5) In a PLL,what among the below statement is true?
a)Lock frequency is greater than Hold freq.
b)Hold freq. is greater than Lock freq.
c)Lock freq. equals hold freq.
d)None of the above

6) The dual of the Boolean theorem
A.(B+C)=A.B+A.C is

7) The output 0 & 1 level for TTL,logic family is approximately
a)0.1 & 5v b)0.6 & 3.5v c)0.9 &1.75v
d)-1.75 &-0.9v

8)Which of the following is not functionally a complete set

9) Divide by 78 counter can be realized by using
a)6 numbers of mod-13 counters
b)13 no’s of mod-6 counters
c)one mode-13 counter followed by mod-6 counter
d)13 no’s and mod-13 counters

10)they have given one K-map & asked for expression….i forgot…

11) The TRAP interrupt mechanism of the 8085 microprocessor
a)excutes an RST by hardware
b)excutes an instrn supplied by external device through the INTA signal
c)excutes an instruction from memory location 20h.
d)excutes a NOP

12) Pseudo-instructions are
a)assembler directives
b)instrns in any program that have no corresponding machine code instruction.
c)instrns in any program whose presence or absence will not changethe o/pfor any i/p.
d) none of the above

13) Content of A register after the excution of the following 8085 mp program is
a)74H b)80H c)50H d)22H

14)If the 8085 adds 87H and 79H,the contents of the accumulator and the status of S,Z and CY flags are
a)A=00H,S=0,CY=0,Z=0 b)A=10H,S=0,CY=1,Z=1
c)A=00H,S=0,CY=1,Z=1 d)A=00H,S=1,CY=1,Z=1

15) In all Dynamic memories
a)clock will be needed
b)Power dissipation is slightly lower than that of static ROM
c)Refreshing operation of data is required
d)all o the above

16) Which of the following is an example of a passive electronic amplifier?
a)A step-up transformer b)An operationa amplifier

17)The impedence of a parallel R-L-C n/w is Z(s)=5s/s2+0.5s+100 Then the value of R,L and C are
a)10ohm,1/20H,1/5F b)1ohm,1/2H,1/5F
c)10ohm,1/20H,1/2F d)2ohm,1/20H,1/5F

18) The no. of 2-input multiplexers required to construct a 210 input mux is
a)31 b)10 c)127 d)1023

19)Transistor or MOSFET used on RAM acts like
a)A switch b)A diode c)A timer d)None

20) A communication channel with additive white Gaussian noise ,has bandwidth of 4 khz and an SNR of 15.its channel capacity is
a)1.6kbps b)16kbps c)32kbps d)256kbps

21) what is the input impedance ZIN?
22) Its circuit related question…I forgot that question…
23)Whch of following protocols use TCP?
a)BGP b)FTP c)Telnet d)all of the above

24) Which of the following n/w classes contains the fewest available host addresses?
a)Class A b)Class B c)Class C d)Class D

25) Which layer is responsible for flow control with sliding windows and reliability With sequence numbers and acknowledgments?
a)Transport b)Application c)Internet d)Network interface

26) int i[2],j;int *pi;
Value of j after execution of the above statements will be
a)7 b)6 c)4 d)3

27) Which of the following protocols use “Hello” packets?

28) The upper memory area is located:
a)between 640k and 1024k b)above 1 meg
c)between 512k and 840k d)anything above 1024k

29) What command is used to partition a hard drive?
a)partn b)fdisk c)format d)chkdsk

30) Virtual memory is composed of ram and:
a)a rom sub-system b)a bios extension c) swap file d)DOS extensions

31)Which file contains the DOS kernel?
a) io.sys b) c)msdos.sys d)config.sys

32) What is the value of i if the following code is executed?
#define A 10+10
int main(void)
int i;
printf(“i is %d”,i)
Return i;
a)120 b)400 c)10 d)210

33) In carrier system,freq fogging is used to
a)reduce noise b)reduce cross talk
c)reduce distortion d)conserve frequencies

34) The period of the function cos(pi/4)(t-1) is
a)1/8s b)1/4s c)8s d)4s

35)waveform related question……

Part -B Aptitude

36)If ‘n’ is a natural number ,then n(n+1)(2n+1) is always divisible by
a)4 b)5 c)6 d)7

37)If 35% of number is 140,then 67.5% of the no. is
a)270 b)275 c)280 d)272

38)In an arithmetic progression the third term is four times the first term and sixth term is 17,its tenth term is
a)20 b)23 c)29 d)31

39)If a salesman gives a discount of 20% on the listed price of a T.V,he makes a profit of 20%,if a discount of 10% is given on listed price,then his profit will be
a)10% b)25% c)35% d)40%

40) The length of the side of square is represented by x+2. The length of the side of an equilateral triange is 2x.If the square and the equilateral triange have equal perimeter,then the value of x is
a)x=3 b)x=4 c)x=9 d)x=7

41) It takes karthik y hours to complete typing a manuscript.After 2 hrs ,he was called away.What fractional part of the assignments was left incomplete?
a)(y-2)/y b)(y-1)/y c)(y-3)/y d)(y-5)/y

42) A student divided a no. by 2/3 when he required to multiply by 3/2.Calculate the percentage of error in his result?
a)1% b)5% c)0% d)7%

43) If 820+R+S-640=342 and if R=25 then S is
a)187 b)117 c)137 d)96

44)The sum of infinite no. of terms of a G.P is 23 and the sum of of their squares is 69,then their common ratio :
a)10/13 b)13/10 c)10/27 d)12/19

45) If the side of the square is increased by 5 cm,the area increases by165 side of the square is:
a)12 b)13 c)14 d)15

other all questions related to passage ony I forgot that questions…… sorry i didnt clear first round itself...i dont know tech & HR rounds.... all the best for ur intrw...

Anil D Nivargi(9901637033)(Pda College Of Eng. Gulbarga,Karnataka)

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