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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) You need to create a Web Part that adds a term set to the current SharePoint site collection’s term store.You write the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01TaxonomySession?session?=?new?TaxonomySession(SPContext.Current.Site); 02TermSet?addedTerm?=?session.TermStores[0].Groups ["MyNewTermStore"].CreateTermSet(txtBoxTermSetToAdd.Text); 03? Which code segment should you add at line 03?

2) You need to create a Web control that displays HTML content during the last stage of the page processing lifecycle.Which method should you override in the Web control?

3) You create a Visual Web Part.You need to add an image to the Web Part. The image must be deployed to the 14\TEMPLATE\IMAGES folder. What should you do in Microsoft Visual Studio?

4) You need to connect two Web Parts by using the IWebPartRow interface. Which method should you use?

5) You have a SharePoint site collection that has the URL http://contoso/sites/finance. You are creating a Microsoft .NET Framework console application that will use the SharePoint client object model to create a site in the site collection. The application contains the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01ClientContext?cCtx?=?new?ClientContext("http://contoso/sites/finance"); 02Web?root?=?cCtx.Site.RootWeb; 03cCtx.Load(root); 04WebCreationInformation?webInfo?=?new?WebCreationInformation(); 05webInfo.Title?=?"site1"; 06webInfo.Url?=?"site1"; 07webInfo.WebTemplate?=?"MPS#2"; 08root.Webs.Add(webInfo); 09? 10cCtx.Dispose(); You need to ensure that the application creates the site.Which code segment should you add at line 09?

6) You create a Web Part that takes three values from three text boxes and creates a new SharePoint site when you click a button named CreateNewSite. The Web Part contains the following code segment. protected?void?CreateNewSite_Click(object?sender,?EventArgs?e) { SPSite site = SPContext.Current.Site; SPWeb?web?=?site.AllWebs.Add(SiteNameTextBox.Text,?SiteTitleTextBox.Text, SiteDescriptionTextBox.Text,?0,?SPWebTemplate.WebTemplateSTS,?false,?false); } You test the Web Part and it works properly. When another user attempts to use the Web Part to create a new site, he receives the following error message: “Error: Access Denied.” You need to ensure that users can use the Web Part to create new sites. What should you do?

7) You create a SharePoint solution.You deploy the SharePoint solution by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.You need to prevent the Feature that is contained in the solution from being automatically activated when you deploy the solution. What should you configure in Visual Studio 2010?

8) You create a modal dialog that displays a list of items.You need to capture the items selected by a user.Which code segment should you use?

9) You have a custom Web Part that is deployed as a sandboxed solution.You need to ensure that the Web Part can access the local file system on a SharePoint server. You must minimize the amount of privileges assigned to the Web Part.What should you do?

10) You create a Web Part.The Web Part contains a grid view named GridView1 and the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01IntranetDataContext?dc?=?new?IntranetDataContext?("http://intranet"); 02MyGridView.DataSource?=?from?announce?in?dc.Announcements 03? 04select?announce; IntranetDataContext is a LINQ context.You need to ensure that GridView1 only displays items from Announcements that have an expiry date that is greater than or equal to the current date. What should you do?
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