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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) You create an entity named Customer in a Business Connectivity Services (BCS) object model.You need to ensure that Customer data can be displayed in a Business Data List Web Part.Which method type should you use?

2) You create a Microsoft .NET Framework console application that uses a Representational State Transfer (REST) API to query a custom list named Products.The application contains the following code segment. AdventureWorksDataContext?codc?=?new?AdventureWorksDataContext (new?Uri("http://contoso/_vti_bin/listdata.svc")); codc.Credentials?=?CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials; You need to read all items in Products into an object. Which method should you use?

3) You are creating a Web Part. The Web Part will be used in a SharePoint subsite that has the URL You need to ensure that the Web Part activates a Feature in the subsite without causing a memory leak.Which code segment should you use?

4) You plan to create a custom Web Part that displays items from a custom SharePoint list named Project.You need to ensure that you can access the list by using strongly-typed objects in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.What should you do first?

5) You have a SharePoint site. The current master page of the site is v4.master. You create a custom master page named MyMasterPage.master. You deploy the master page to /_catalogs/masterpage/. You need to apply the custom master page to only the content pages of the site. What should you do?

6) You plan to create two Web Parts named Products and ProductDetails. You create an interface that contains the following code segment. Public?interface?Interface1 { String?Productid?{?get;?} } You need to ensure that the Products Web Part sends Productid to the ProductDetails Web Part. You must achieve this goal by using the ASP.NETWeb Part connection framework. What should you do?

7) You create two custom lists named Offices and Rooms. Rooms has the following columns: •Title .Capacity .Equipment Offices has the following columns: •Title .Rooms (a lookup to the Title column in the Rooms list) .Rooms:Capacity .Rooms:Equipment You need to perform a Representational State Transfer (REST) query that returns a list of all the offices that have rooms with a capacity of 10. The query results must include the room titles and the equipment in each room.Which URL should you choose?

8) You have a document library named MyDocs. MyDocs has a column named Column1. Column1 is a required column.You discover that many documents are checked out because users fail to enter a value for Column1.You need to create a Web Part to delete the documents. Which code segment should you include in the Web Part?

9) You create a timer job.You need to debug the timer job. To which process should you attach the debugger?

10) You plan to create a Web Part for a SharePoint site.You need to ensure that the Web Part can send data to other Web Parts in the site.What should you do?
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