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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) You need to disable the CriticalExceptionCount measure for all user solutions. You write the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01SPUserCodeService?userCode?=?SPUserCodeService.Local; 02SPResourceMeasureCollection?measures?=?userCode.ResourceMeasures; 03SPResourceMeasure?measure?=?measures["CriticalExceptionCount"]; 04? 05measure.Update(); Which code segment should you add at line 04?

2) You have a Web Part named WebPart1. WebPart1 runs on a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 server.You need to ensure that WebPart1 can run as a sandboxed solution in SharePoint Server 2010.What should you do?

3) You need to connect two Web Parts by using the IWebPartRow interface. Which method should you use?

4) You need to delete the previous versions of all documents in a document library. The deleted versions of the documents must be retained in the SharePoint Recycle Bin. What should you do?

5) You create a workflow named WF1. WF1 is attached to a list named List1.You need to receive an e-mail notification if WF1 is postponed.What should you do?

6) You create a custom Web Part.You need to ensure that a custom property is visible in Edit mode.Which attribute should you set in the Web Part?

7) You create a user solution that contains a Web Part.You need to debug the Web Part by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.To which process should you attach the debugger?

8) You need to create a Web control that displays HTML content during the last stage of the page processing lifecycle.Which method should you override in the Web control?

9) You use a third-party site definition to create SharePoint sites.You need to add a Web Part to the home page of the site definition.Which file should you modify?

10) You need to create a custom content type and specify the content type ID. What should you do?
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