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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) You create a Feature.You need remove the link to the Site Content Type page from the Site Settings page by using the Feature.Which element should you use in the Feature?

2) You create two custom lists named Offices and Rooms. Rooms has the following columns: •Title .Capacity .Equipment Offices has the following columns: •Title .Rooms (a lookup to the Title column in the Rooms list) .Rooms:Capacity .Rooms:Equipment You need to perform a Representational State Transfer (REST) query that returns a list of all the offices that have rooms with a capacity of 10. The query results must include the room titles and the equipment in each room.Which URL should you choose?

3) You need to create a Web Part that hides the out-of-the-box Ribbon on the current page. Which code segment should you include in the Web Part?

4) You need to create a custom application that provides users with the ability to create a managed property. The managed property name must be specified in the args[1] parameter. You write the following code segment for the application. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01SPSite?currentSite?=?new?SPSite("http://intranet"); 02SearchContext?context?=?SearchContext.GetContext(currentSite); 03Schema?schema?=?new?Schema(context); Which code segment should you add to the application?

5) You create a Business Connectivity Services (BCS) object model in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The model connects to an XML file.You create an external list that displays the BCS entity.You need to ensure that users can delete items from the external list. What should you do?

6) You have a Web page named ShowMessage.aspx.You create a new Web page. You need to display the content from ShowMessage.aspx in an IFRAME on the new Web page. You must achieve this goal by using the minimum amount of effort. What should you do?

7) You need to create a Web control that displays an ASCX control. Which event should you use to render the Web control?

8) You have a SharePoint list named Projects and a site column named PrivateColumn. You need to prevent users from adding PrivateColumn to the Projects list. Users must be able to add any other site column to the Projects list.What should you do?

9) You add a delegate control to the section of a custom master page. You reference a default script file by using the delegate control. You need to ensure that the delegate control meets the following requirements: •Prevents other developers from deleting the default script reference.Provides developers with the ability to add additional script references.Provides developers with the ability to change the order of the script references Which property should you use?

10) You plan to develop a Web Part that displays a SharePoint list. The Web Part will verify the list permissions when users access by using the web.CurrentUser.DoesUserHavePermissions method.You need to ensure that when users do not have permissions to the list, the Web Part displays the company’s logo. Which code segment should you add to the Web Part?
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