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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) You need to create a Web control that displays an ASCX control. Which event should you use to render the Web control?

2) You create and deploy a custom Web Part.You add the Web Part to a page and receive a run-time error.You need to display the detailed information of the error on the page. Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

3) You create a Web Part that calls a function named longCall.You discover that longCall takes a long time to execute.You need to display in the Developer Dashboard how long it takes to execute longCall. Which code segment should you use?

4) You are developing a Feature that will be used in multiple languages.You need to ensure that users view the Feature’s title and description in the display language of their choice.What should you create?

5) You have a SharePoint list named Assets that contains 1,000,000 items. The list contains a column named Urgent. Approximately 100 items have a value of True in their Urgent column. You use the following line of code to retrieve the Assets list. SPList?assetsList?=?currentWeb.Lists["assets"]; You need to retrieve all of the items in the list that have a value of True in their Urgent column. You must retrieve the items in the minimum amount of time. What should you do?

6) You have a custom Web Part that is deployed as a sandboxed solution.You need to ensure that the Web Part can access the local file system on a SharePoint server. You must minimize the amount of privileges assigned to the Web Part.What should you do?

7) You create a SharePoint solution that contains two Features named Feature1 and Feature2. You need to ensure that Feature1 is always activated before Feature2. You must achieve this goal by using the minimum amount of development effort.What should you do?

8) You have a SharePoint farm that has more than 100 custom Features. You upgrade several Features in the farm.You need to ensure that the site collection uses the most up-to-date versions of the Features. Only Features that require an upgrade must be evaluated.Which code segment should you use?

9) You have a document library named Documents. Minor and major version management is enabled for the document library.You plan to add a document named MyFile.docx to Documents.You create a console application that contains the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01using?(SPSite?site?=?new?SPSite("http://intranet")) 02?{ 03 SPList?documents?=?site.RootWeb.Lists["Documents"]; 04 FileStream?fstream?=?File.OpenRead(@"MyFile.docx"); 05 byte[]?content?=?new?byte[fstream.Length]; 06 fstream.Read(content,?0,?(int)fstream.Length); 07 fstream.Close(); 08 site.RootWeb.Files.Add (documents.RootFolder.Url?+?"/MyFile.docx",content,?true); 09 SPFile?file?=?site.RootWeb.GetFile (documents.RootFolder.Url?+?"/?MyFile.docx"); 10 file.CheckIn(string.Empty); 11? 12?} You need to ensure that all users can see the document. Which code segment should you add at line 11?

10) You plan to create one provider Web Part and two consumer Web Parts. You need to ensure that the consumer Web Parts can receive data from the provider Web Part.You create an interface that contains the following code segment. public interface Interface1 { string Parameter1 { get; } } What should you do next?
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