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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) You create a Web Part.The Web Part contains a grid view named GridView1 and the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01IntranetDataContext?dc?=?new?IntranetDataContext?("http://intranet"); 02MyGridView.DataSource?=?from?announce?in?dc.Announcements 03? 04select?announce; IntranetDataContext is a LINQ context.You need to ensure that GridView1 only displays items from Announcements that have an expiry date that is greater than or equal to the current date. What should you do?

2) You have a SharePoint farm that has more than 100 custom Features. You upgrade several Features in the farm.You need to ensure that the site collection uses the most up-to-date versions of the Features. Only Features that require an upgrade must be evaluated.Which code segment should you use?

3) You have a list named Projects that contains a column named ClassificationMetadata. You need to create a Web Part that updates the ClassificationMetadata value to NA for each item in the Projects list.You write the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01foreach?(SPListItem?currentItem?in?SPContext.Current.Web.Lists["Projects"].Items) 02{ 03? 04} Which code segment should you add at line 03?

4) You create an entity named Customer in a Business Connectivity Services (BCS) object model.You need to ensure that Customer data can be displayed in a Business Data List Web Part.Which method type should you use?

5) You create a SharePoint solution by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The SharePoint solution contains a third-party assembly. You need to deploy the third-party assembly to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).What should you use?

6) You create a console application to manage Personal Sites.The application contains the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01SPSite?siteCollection?=?new?SPSite("http://moss"); 02UserProfileManager?profileManager?=?new?UserProfileManager (ServerContext.GetContext(siteCollection)); 03UserProfile?profile?=?profileManager.GetUserProfile("domain\\username"); 04SPSite?personalSite?=?profile.PersonalSite; 05? 06siteCollection.Dispose(); You deploy the application to a SharePoint site.After deploying the application, users report that the site loads slowly.You need to modify the application to prevent the site from loading slowly.What should you do?

7) You need to convert a user control named Control.ascx to a SharePoint Web Part. The Web Part must be packaged as a user solution.What should you do?

8) You need to delete the previous versions of all documents in a document library. The deleted versions of the documents must be retained in the SharePoint Recycle Bin. What should you do?

9) You have a SharePoint solution that contains a custom site column and a custom content type.You need to add the custom site column as a lookup field for the custom content type. What should you create?

10) You plan to create one provider Web Part and two consumer Web Parts. You need to ensure that the consumer Web Parts can receive data from the provider Web Part.You create an interface that contains the following code segment. public interface Interface1 { string Parameter1 { get; } } What should you do next?
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