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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) You have a Feature named Feature1.You plan to create a new version of Feature1 that will upgrade the existing version of Feature1.You need to ensure that when Feature1 is upgraded, additional configuration data is added to the property bag of the site.What should you do?

2) You need to create a custom content type and specify the content type ID. What should you do?

3) You are creating a Web Part in SharePoint Server 2010.You need to ensure that the Web Part can send data to another Web Part.Which interface should you override?

4) You are creating a custom content type named CT1. You need to use a Feature to add an existing site column named SiteCol1 to CT1. Which code segment should you include in the Feature?

5) You create a Web Part named WP1.You need to ensure that the name of the Web Part displays as Corporate in SharePoint. What should you do?

6) You create a timer job.You need to debug the timer job. To which process should you attach the debugger?

7) You create custom code to import content to SharePoint sites.You create a custom site definition by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.You need to ensure that when a new site that uses the site definition is created, the custom code executes after the site is created. Which class should you add to the project?

8) You have a SharePoint site that has the URL You are creating a new Web Part.You need to create a reference to the current subsite without having to dispose of any returned objects. Which code segment should you use?

9) You have a helper method named CreateSiteColumn that contains the following code segment. static?void?CreateSiteColumn(SPWeb?web,?string?columnName) { } You need to add a new site column of type Choice to a SharePoint site by using the helper method.Which code segment should you include in the helper method?

10) You create a user control named MySearch.ascx.You plan to change the native search control in SharePoint to MySearch.ascx.You need to provide the site administrator with the ability to change the out-of–the-box search control to MySearch.ascx.What should you do?
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