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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) You create two custom lists named Offices and Rooms. Rooms has the following columns: •Title .Capacity .Equipment Offices has the following columns: •Title .Rooms (a lookup to the Title column in the Rooms list) .Rooms:Capacity .Rooms:Equipment You need to perform a Representational State Transfer (REST) query that returns a list of all the offices that have rooms with a capacity of 10. The query results must include the room titles and the equipment in each room.Which URL should you choose?

2) You create a user solution that contains a Web Part.You need to debug the Web Part by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.To which process should you attach the debugger?

3) You have a SharePoint site collection that has the URL http://contoso/sites/finance. You are creating a Microsoft .NET Framework console application that will use the SharePoint client object model to create a site in the site collection. The application contains the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01ClientContext?cCtx?=?new?ClientContext("http://contoso/sites/finance"); 02Web?root?=?cCtx.Site.RootWeb; 03cCtx.Load(root); 04WebCreationInformation?webInfo?=?new?WebCreationInformation(); 05webInfo.Title?=?"site1"; 06webInfo.Url?=?"site1"; 07webInfo.WebTemplate?=?"MPS#2"; 08root.Webs.Add(webInfo); 09? 10cCtx.Dispose(); You need to ensure that the application creates the site.Which code segment should you add at line 09?

4) You need to add a modal dialog box to a SharePoint application. What should you use?

5) You create and deploy a custom Web Part.You add the Web Part to a page and receive a run-time error.You need to display the detailed information of the error on the page. Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

6) You create a custom Web Part.You need to verify whether the Web Part causes any memory leaks.Which tool should you use?

7) You create a custom workflow action named WF1 that copies the content of one a document library to another document library.WF1 is used in a Microsoft SharePoint Designer reusable workflow.You need to ensure that the workflow action is deployed as a sandboxed solution. Where should you define the workflow action?

8) You plan to develop a Web Part that displays a SharePoint list. The Web Part will verify the list permissions when users access by using the web.CurrentUser.DoesUserHavePermissions method.You need to ensure that when users do not have permissions to the list, the Web Part displays the company’s logo. Which code segment should you add to the Web Part?

9) You create a Web Part that calls a function named longCall.You discover that longCall takes a long time to execute.You need to display in the Developer Dashboard how long it takes to execute longCall. Which code segment should you use?

10) You need to create a Web control that displays HTML content during the last stage of the page processing lifecycle.Which method should you override in the Web control?
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