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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) You create a custom Web Part.You need to verify whether the Web Part causes any memory leaks.Which tool should you use?

2) You have a document library named Documents. Minor and major version management is enabled for the document library.You plan to add a document named MyFile.docx to Documents.You create a console application that contains the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01using?(SPSite?site?=?new?SPSite("http://intranet")) 02?{ 03 SPList?documents?=?site.RootWeb.Lists["Documents"]; 04 FileStream?fstream?=?File.OpenRead(@"MyFile.docx"); 05 byte[]?content?=?new?byte[fstream.Length]; 06 fstream.Read(content,?0,?(int)fstream.Length); 07 fstream.Close(); 08 site.RootWeb.Files.Add (documents.RootFolder.Url?+?"/MyFile.docx",content,?true); 09 SPFile?file?=?site.RootWeb.GetFile (documents.RootFolder.Url?+?"/?MyFile.docx"); 10 file.CheckIn(string.Empty); 11? 12?} You need to ensure that all users can see the document. Which code segment should you add at line 11?

3) You create a Feature receiver.You need to hide the Quick Launch navigation bar of a SharePoint site.What should you use?

4) You are creating a Business Connectivity Services (BCS) entity. You need to ensure that all data returned by the entity is available in search results. Which type of method instance should you implement?

5) You create a custom field type and a CustomFieldControl.ascx user control.You need to write the code-behind of the CustomFieldControl.acsx user control. Which object should you override?

6) You create a Web Part that updates a list.You need to ensure that users can use the Web Part to update the list, regardless of the users’ permissions to the list. What should you use in the Web Part?

7) You create a class that inherits the SPPersistedObject class. The class has a field named Field1. You need to ensure that Field1 can be serialized and stored in the SharePoint configuration database.Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two)

8) You create a Web Part that queries a list.The Web Part contains the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01protected?override?void?Render(HtmlTextWriter?writer) 02{ 03 SPUserToken?spInToken?=?GetTheContext(SPContext.Current.Site); 04 using?(SPSite?aSite?=?new?SPSite(curSiteCtx.ID,?spInToken)) 05 { 06 … 07 } 08} 09private?SPUserToken?GetTheContext(SPSite?nWeb) 10{ 11 nWeb.CatchAccessDeniedException?=?false; 12 SPUserToken?spToken?=?null; 13 try 14 { 15 spToken =?nWeb.SystemAccount.UserToken; 16 } 17 catch?(UnauthorizedAccessException) 18 { 19? 20 } 21 return?spToken; 22} You need to ensure that users without permissions to the list can view the contents of the list from the Web Part.Which code segment should you add at line 19?

9) You update a solution validator.You need to ensure that all SharePoint solutions are validated the next time the solutions are executed.What should you do?

10) You have a SharePoint site that has the URL You are creating a new Web Part.You need to create a reference to the current subsite without having to dispose of any returned objects. Which code segment should you use?
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