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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) You are developing a custom Feature by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. You need to ensure that when you deploy the Feature, a file named Form1.xsn is deployed to the Feature folder. You must achieve this goal by using the minimum amount of development effort.What should you do?

2) You are creating a custom content type named CT1. You need to use a Feature to add an existing site column named SiteCol1 to CT1. Which code segment should you include in the Feature?

3) You need to create a Web Part that hides the out-of-the-box Ribbon on the current page. Which code segment should you include in the Web Part?

4) You create an entity named Customer in a Business Connectivity Services (BCS) object model.You need to ensure that Customer data can be displayed in a Business Data List Web Part.Which method type should you use?

5) You are creating a custom workflow action to be used in Microsoft SharePoint Designer reusable workflows. The action programmatically creates a SharePoint site named Site1 at a specific URL.The workflow actions schema file contains the following code segment. You need to ensure that users can specify the URL property of the action in SharePoint Designer.What should you add to the schema of the action?

6) You create a console application to manage Personal Sites.The application contains the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01SPSite?siteCollection?=?new?SPSite("http://moss"); 02UserProfileManager?profileManager?=?new?UserProfileManager (ServerContext.GetContext(siteCollection)); 03UserProfile?profile?=?profileManager.GetUserProfile("domain\\username"); 04SPSite?personalSite?=?profile.PersonalSite; 05? 06siteCollection.Dispose(); You deploy the application to a SharePoint site.After deploying the application, users report that the site loads slowly.You need to modify the application to prevent the site from loading slowly.What should you do?

7) You have a SharePoint site that has the URL You are creating a new Web Part.You need to create a reference to the current subsite without having to dispose of any returned objects. Which code segment should you use?

8) You are creating a Web Part. The Web Part will be used in a SharePoint subsite that has the URL You need to ensure that the Web Part activates a Feature in the subsite without causing a memory leak.Which code segment should you use?

9) You plan to create a workflow that has the following three activities: •CreateTask .OnTaskChanged .CompleteTask You need to ensure that each time the workflow starts, the three activities are linked to a single task.What should you do?

10) You have a Web application named WebApp1.You have a Feature receiver named FeatureReceiver1. FeatureReceiver1 stores a connection string in the web.config file of WebApp1.You need to ensure that when FeatureReceiver1 makes configuration changes to web.config, the changes are automatically replicated to all Web servers in the farm. Which class should you use in FeatureReceiver1?
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