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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) What is true about Java EE authentication mechanisms?

2) Your web application uses a simple architecture in which servlets handle requests and then forward to a JSP using a request dispatcher. You need to pass information calculated by the servlet to the JSP; furthermore, that JSP uses a custom tag and must also process this information. This information must NOT be accessible to any other servlet, JSP or session in the webapp. How can you accomplish this goal?


Which two are true regarding a web application class loader?(Choose two.)

4) Which two are true about authentication? (Choose two.)

5) For which three events can web application event listeners be registered?(Choose three.)

6) You need to store a floating point number, called Tsquare, in the session scope. Which two code snippets allow you to retrieve this value? (Choose two.)


Assume that a news tag library contains the tags lookup and item:

lookup Retrieves the latest news headlines and executes the tag body once for each headline.

Exposes a NESTED page-scoped attribute called headline of type com.example.Headline containing details for that headline.

item Outputs the HTML for a single news headline. Accepts an attribute info of type com.example.Headline containing details for the headline to be rendered.Which snippet of JSP code returns the latest news headlines in an HTML table, one per row?


Which element of a web application deployment descriptor

<security-constraint> element is required?


You are building a dating web site. The client's date of birth is collected along with lots of other information. You have created an EL function with the signature: calcAge(java.util.Date):int and it is assigned to the name, age, in the namespace, funct. In one of your JSPs you need to print a special message to clients who are younger than 25. Which EL code snippet will return true for this condition?


Servlet A receives a request that it forwards to servlet B within another web application in the same web container. Servlet A needs to share data with servlet B and that data must not be visible to other servlets in A's web application. In which object can the data that A shares with B be stored?