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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) You are writing a JSP that includes scriptlet code to declare a List variable and initializes that variable to an ArrayList object. Which two JSP code snippets can you use to import these list types? (Choose two.)

2) A developer is designing the presentation tier for a web application which requires a centralized request handling to complete common processing required by each request. Which design pattern provides a solution to this problem?

3) Your web application uses a simple architecture in which servlets handle requests and then forward to a JSP using a request dispatcher. You need to pass information calculated in the servlet to the JSP for view generation. This information must NOT be accessible to any other servlet, JSP or session in the webapp. Which two techniques can you use to accomplish this goal?(Choose two.)


To take advantage of the capabilities of modern browsers that use web standards, such as XHTML and CSS, your web application is being converted from simple JSP pages to JSP Document format. However, one of your JSPs, /scripts/screenFunctions.jsp, generates a JavaScript file. This file is included in several web forms to create screen-specific validation functions and are included in these pages with the following statement:

10. <head>

11. <script src='/scripts/screenFunctions.jsp'

12. language='javascript'

13. type='application/javascript'> </script>

14. </head>

15. <!-- body of the web form -->

Which JSP code snippet declares that this JSP Document is a JavaScript file?

5) Which method must be used to encode a URL passed as an argument to HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect when using URL rewriting for session tracking?

6) You have built a web application that you license to small businesses. The webapp uses a context parameter, called licenseExtension, which enables certain advanced features based on your client's license package. When a client pays for a specific service, you provide them with a license extension key that they insert into the <context-param> of the deployment descriptor. Not every client will have this context parameter so you need to create a context listener to set up a default value in the licenseExtension parameter. Which code snippet will accomplish this goal?


Given the JSP code:

10. <html>

11. <body>

12. <jsp:useBean id='customer' class='com.example.Customer' />

13. Hello, ${customer.title} ${customer.lastName}, welcome

14. to Squeaky Beans, Inc.

15. </body>

16. </html>

Which three types of JSP code are used? (Choose three.)


Which two JSTL URL-related tags perform URL rewriting?

(Choose two.)

9) You have a new IT manager that has mandated that all JSPs must be refactored to include no scritplet code. The IT manager has asked you to enforce this. Which deployment descriptor element will satisfy this constraint?

10) Which two directives are applicable only to tag files? (Choose two.)