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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) You have a new IT manager that has mandated that all JSPs must be refactored to include no scritplet code. The IT manager has asked you to enforce this. Which deployment descriptor element will satisfy this constraint?


You are building a dating web site. The client's date of birth is collected along with lots of other information. You have created an EL function with the signature: calcAge(java.util.Date):int and it is assigned to the name, age, in the namespace, funct. In one of your JSPs you need to print a special message to clients who are younger than 25. Which EL code snippet will return true for this condition?

3) Which two are characteristics of the Intercepting Filter pattern? (Choose two.)

4) A custom JSP tag must be able to support an arbitrary number of attributes whose names are unknown when the tag class is designed. Which two are true? (Choose two.)



11. public class MyServlet extends HttpServlet {

12. public void service(HttpServletRequest request,

13. HttpServletResponse response)

14. throws ServletException, IOException {

15. // insert code here

16. }

17. }

and this element in the web application's deployment descriptor:






Which, inserted at line 15, causes the container to redirect control to the error.html resource?

6) You have a simple web application that has a single Front Controller servlet  hat dispatches to JSPs to generate a variety of views. Several of these views require further database processing to retrieve the necessary order object using the orderID request parameter. To do this additional processing, you pass the request first to a servlet that is mapped to the URL pattern WEB-INF/ in the deployment descriptor. This servlet takes two request parameters, the orderID and the jspURL. It handles the database calls to retrieve and build the complex order objects and then it dispatches to the jspURL. Which code snippet in the Front Controller servlet dispatches the request to the order retrieval servlet?

7) Which method must be used to encode a URL passed as an argument to HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect when using URL rewriting for session tracking?

8) A developer is designing a multi-tier web application and discovers a need to hide the details of establishing and maintaining remote communications from the client. In addition, because the business and resource tiers are distributed, the application needs to minimize the inter-tier network traffic related to servicing client requests. Which design patterns, working together, address these issues?

9) You are designing an n-tier Java EE application. You have already decided that some of your JSPs will need to get data from a Customer entity bean. You are trying to decide whether to use a Customer stub object or a Transfer Object. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


Every page of your web site must include a common set of navigation menus at the top of the page. This menu is static HTML and changes frequently, so you have decided to use JSP's static import mechanism.

Which JSP code snippet accomplishes this goal?