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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) For manageability purposes, you have been told to add a "count" instance variable to a critical JSP Document so that a JMX MBean can track how frequent this JSP is being invoked. Which JSP code snippet must you use to declare this instance variable in the JSP Document?

2) A developer has created a web application that includes a servlet for each use case in the application. These servlets have become rather difficult to maintain because the request processing methods have become very large. There is also common processing code in many servlets because these use cases are very similar. Which two design patterns can be used together to refactor and simplify this web application? (Choose two.)


A developer is designing a web application that must verify for each request:The originating request is from a trusted network.

The client has a valid session.

The client has been authenticated.

Which design pattern provides a solution in this situation?



10. public void service(ServletRequest request,

11. ServletResponse response) {

12. ServletInputStream sis =

13. // insert code here

14. }

 Which retrieves the binary input stream on line 13?


You are creating a web form with this HTML:

11. <form action="sendOrder.jsp">

12. <input type="text" name="creditCard">

13. <input type="text" name="expirationDate">

14. <input type="submit">

15. </form>

Which HTTP method is used when sending this request from the browser?

6) Which two security mechanisms can be directed through a sub-element of the <user-data-constraint> element in a web application deployment descriptor? (Choose two.)


Given a header in an HTTP request: X-Retries: 4

Which two retrieve the value of the header from a given HttpServletRequest request? (Choose two.)

8) You have created a JSP that includes instance variables and a great deal of scriptlet code. Unfortunately, after extensive load testing, you have discovered several race conditions in your JSP scriptlet code. To fix these problems would require significant recoding, but you are already behind schedule. Which JSP code snippet can you use to resolve these concurrency problems?


You are building a web application with a scheduling component. On the JSP, you need to show the current date, the date of the previous week, and the date of the next week. To help you present this information, you have created the following EL functions in the 'd' namespace:

name: curDate; signature: java.util.Date currentDate()

name: addWeek; signature: java.util.Date addWeek(java.util.Date, int)

name: dateString; signature: java.util.String getDateString(java.util.Date)

Which EL code snippet will generate the string for the previous week?

10) A developer is designing the presentation tier for a web application which requires a centralized request handling to complete common processing required by each request. Which design pattern provides a solution to this problem?