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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Which two features of JSON formatted messages in Web services are responsible for its increasing popularity? (Choose two.)

2) A developer is asked to determine which Web services approach is correct for a new project. A SOAP-based Web service must be created and deployed in an environment where many customers will use it. These customers will be responsible for developing their own clients, based on the published WSDL. Which approach is correct to use first in this situation?

3) A developer in a business-to-business environment is required to build a Web service client that can be strongly authenticated by a Web service. What must the developer do to create the client?

4) A Java developer is testing the performance of the interoperability features of the company's WSIT Web services for customers who use .Net 3.0. To make sure everything is functioning correctly, the developer obtains a copy of Visual Studio and creates a WCF client for the company's Web services.What are two important factors that the developer must consider? (Choose two.)

5) A purchase order Web service is designed to be synchronous, request-response, and HTTP-based. The existing service processes the request immediately. Because of new business requirements, the service can take up to ten days to perform a credit check before processing the order.Which two design changes need to be made? (Choose two.)

6) A company is evaluating Java application servers in order to use one as a standard in the organization.What are two important facts that should be considered as they examine possible tools? (Choose two.)

7) Which three can a servlet-based Web service endpoint use? (Choose three.)

8) A developer is defining a SOAP binding in the WSDL for their new service.Which XML fragment is WSDL 1.1 compliant?

9) A JAXR client has established connection with a UDDI registry and needs to get a service binding from the registry.What is required to accomplish this task?

10) An enterprise has a requirement to create a Web service to accept purchase orders. The order data contains some authorization information that is specific to each order (such as,who can access which parts of the order).Keeping in mind future enhancements in types of orders that the enterprise needs to accept, which two design solutions provide the most flexibility? (Choose two.)
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