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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Which two statements are true about SOAP faults? (Choose two.)

2) Which statement is true about the SOAP 1.1 actor attribute?

3) A Web service developer notes the vast array of Web services specifications has changed since the last large project. The developer begins research for a new project. The clients are banks and exchanges with detailed security needs. The new service must be able to describe its security needs, help other systems determine algorithms, exchange identities and integrate well with SOAP.Which two does the research uncover? (Choose two.)

4) Two companies communicate using Web services in a business transaction.Which mechanism is designed to ensure that business data CANNOT be renounced, or a transaction denied, by either one?

5) for a new application, one requirement is that developers must be able to produce and consume messages conforming to the SOAP 1.1 specification and SOAP with attachments.Which API should be used to meet this requirement?

6) Which two statements are true about WSIT client development and using the WSIT configuration file?(Choose two.)

7) Which two statements are true about the Web services? (Choose two.)

8) Which two statements are true about the interaction between a JAXR 1.0 client and a UDDI registry? (Choose two.)

9) Which Java type can be used to represent arbitrary XML data in a JAX-WS service endpoint interface?

10) Enterprise A invokes a Web service provided by enterprise B with some parameters, and receives a response. A developer is making this interaction asynchronous so that A does not have to wait for B to finish processing.Which two actions must be taken to fulfill this requirement? (Choose two.)
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