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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Which two statements are true about the interaction between a JAXR 1.0 client and a UDDI registry? (Choose two.)

2) Which two statements are true about XML schemas and WSDL 1.1? (Choose two.)

3) A developer is building a real-time stock market monitoring application. Due to the volume of stock information pulled from the financial markets and the delays encountered when receiving data back from the servers, the developer decides to implement the asynchronous interaction pattern.Which three are implementations of this pattern? (Choose three.)

4) Place the general steps in the JAXB data binding process in the correct order. a . compile classes b . generate classes c . generate content tree d . marshall e . process content f . unmarshall g . validate

5) Which two statements are true about building and running a WCF client for WSIT Web services?(Choose two.)

6) A developer is evaluating WS-I Basic Profile compliance claims from various software vendors.Which two are correct evaluation criteria to use when examining claims from different companies? (Choose two.)

7) Which JAXR interface allows querying a business registry using SQL commands?

8) Which EAR file can a Java EE 5 compatible application server refuse to accept for deployment?

9) A developer is defining a SOAP binding in the WSDL for their new service.Which XML fragment is WSDL 1.1 compliant?

10) Two companies communicate using Web services in a business transaction.Which mechanism is designed to ensure that business data CANNOT be renounced, or a transaction denied, by either one?
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