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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Which two statements are true about the properties used to configure a JAXR ConnectionFactory?(Choose two.)

2) Which three statements are true about JAXP APIs? (Choose three.)

3) Given the Java fragment and schema: 1. //-- Java code fragment 2. public class PurchaseOrder{ 3. public javax.xml.datatype.XMLGregorianCalendar orderDate; 4. } 5. //-- Schema fragment 6. 7. 8. 10. 11. Which two statements are true about .Net and WCF interoperability for this data?(Choose two.)

4) The WSIT project implements a number of WS-* specifications to aid developers in creating secure and interoperable services.What are two parts of the WS-specifications? (Choose two.)

5) A purchase order Web service is designed to be synchronous, request-response, and HTTP-based. The existing service processes the request immediately. Because of new business requirements, the service can take up to ten days to perform a credit check before processing the order.Which two design changes need to be made? (Choose two.)

6) Which two statements are true about SOAP encoding? (Choose two.)

7) A company is receiving a large XML document from a vendor and they need to extract the content of the document and update their invoicing tables with the data.What are two reasons to utilize the SAX parser as a solution? (Choose two.)

8) Which two implementations of JSON Web services benefit from the inherent structure of JSON messages? (Choose two.)

9) RESTful Web services have an interface of well-known standard operations, and all services are accessed through this interface.What are the four standard operations available for RESTful Web services? (Choose four.)

10) An engineer is studying the architecture of the JAXB implementation.What are three components in its design? (Choose three.)
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