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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) A developer must create a new stock monitoring application using SOAP.Given the code: root 9b3e64e326537b4e8c0ff19e953f9673 SUNW Which statement is true about this SOAP message?

2) A developer creates a new utility billing software package and considers the benefits of EJB vs. servlet-based endpoints for upcoming development work. What are two benefits of using servlet-based endpoints? (Choose two.)

3) A developer needs to write a Web service that supports user sessions that timeout after 120 seconds.Which configuration file is correct for the developer use?

4) A developer must describe a message that contains multiple parts using non-primitive data types. Which two code fragments produce equivalent composite message structure definitions? (Choose two.)

5) Enterprise A invokes a Web service provided by enterprise B with some parameters, and receives a response. A developer is making this interaction asynchronous so that A does not have to wait for B to finish processing.Which two actions must be taken to fulfill this requirement? (Choose two.)

6) What are three characteristics of JSON Web service messages? (Choose three.)

7) A developer has an existing stateless session bean that contains a remote method. The method needs to be made available as a WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 compliant Web service.What is the correct mapping approach?

8) What happens when a Web service is created with JAX-WS?

9) According to the XML-to-Java mappings used by JAX-WS, which three elements or attribute declarations are mapped to a Java primitive wrapper class (for example,java.lang.Short)? (Choose three.)

10) A developer is defining a SOAP binding in the WSDL for their new service.Which XML fragment is WSDL 1.1 compliant?
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