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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Which two statements are true about JAX-WS API using SOAP or REST? (Choose two.)

2) Which two statements are true about the interoperability of Web services developed using the Java EE 5 platform? (Choose two.)

3) Given: 1. try { // Call Web service Operation 2. port = 3. service.getCalculatorWSPort(); 4. // TODO initialize WS operation arguments here 5. int i = 3; 6. int j = 4; 7. // TODO process result here 8. int result = port.add(i, j); 9. out.println("

Result: " + result); 10. 11. } catch (Exception ex) { 12. out.println("

Exception: " + ex); 13. } Assume Reliable Messaging is used and the code is correct except for what is missing at line 10.Which code fragment must be placed at line 10?

4) Given: 10. binding.setValidateURI(false); 11. binding.setAccessURI(""); This JAXR client interacts with a UDDI registry using binding as the JAXR ServiceBinding object. Which statement is true about the code?

5) A developer has been implementing a Java application that reads in pharmaceutical information via Web service calls, scans through the data, and presents warnings about possible drug interactions. Performance has been slow, due to the large payloads returned from the Web services.Which two statements are true about implementing the Web Service Cache pattern? (Choose two.)

6) Which statement is true about the mapping of a UDDI tModel in the JAXR 1.0 specification?

7) A company uses Web services to exchange mortgage and credit data as well as digital versions of associated documents. The data is confidential and it is common for the service and client to exchange applications, credit results, reports and more in a request/response format. Recently, the company has become concerned about the substantial cost of processing and message encryption with a PKI approach.What can be done to cut costs?

8) Given the Java fragment and schema: 1. //-- Java code fragment 2. public enum USState {MA, NH} 3. //-- Schema fragment 4. 7. 8. 9. 10. // .NET auto generated code from schema 11. public enum usState { NH, MA } Which statement is true about .Net and WCF interoperability for this data?

9) Given: 1. public boolean handleRequest(MessageContext context){ 2. try{ 3. SOAPMessageContext soapCntxt = (SOAPMessageContext)context; 4. SOAPMessage message = soapCntxt.getMessage(); 5. message.writeTo(logStream); 6. }catch(javax.xml.soap.SOAPException se){ 7. throw new (se); 8. } 9. } The handlRequest method (lines 1-9) is implemented by a JAX-WS handler. The logStream is a reference to some type of two statements are true?(Choose two.)

10) Which statement is true about StAX?
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