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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) A Java EE 5 application contains business logic composed of EJB3 beans. All current clients are Java applications accessing the business logic using RMI. Some clients are remote (running in different JVMs) and some are local (running in the same JVM).Which two occur if EJB components are exposed as Web services? (Choose two.)

2) Which two statements are true about XML schemas and WSDL 1.1? (Choose two.)

3) A developer has been implementing a Java application that reads in pharmaceutical information via Web service calls, scans through the data, and presents warnings about possible drug interactions. Performance has been slow, due to the large payloads returned from the Web services.Which two statements are true about implementing the Web Service Cache pattern? (Choose two.)

4) What are two reasons for choosing message-level security in a Web service? (Choose two.)

5) Which WSDL fragment is a valid portType element for a WSDL file defining a requestresponse Web service?

6) A developer creates a new CRM software product for a company that exposes EJBs as Web services for other modules in the application suite.Which mechanism should be used to manage transactions in an EJB-based endpoint?

7) Which three can a servlet-based Web service endpoint use? (Choose three.)

8) Which two statements are true about a UDDI registry? (Choose two.)

9) A developer is creating an XML schema that is Basic Profile compliant, and has
elements that require long integer values.

Given the code:

<Schema targetNamespace="http://sun.cert/types" xmlns:ns0="" xmlns="" xmlns:xsd="http://sun.cert/xsdTypes"


<complexType name="Foo">


<!-- insert code here -->




Assuming that no other namespace declarations exist, which two elements
use the long type that is defined in the
namespace? (Choose two.)

10) Which two statements are true about the interaction between a JAXR 1.0 client and a UDDI registry? (Choose two.)
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