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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Which two statements are true about XML schemas that conform to WS-I Basic Profile 1.1? (Choose two.)

2) RESTful Web services have an interface of well-known standard operations, and all services are accessed through this interface.What are the four standard operations available for RESTful Web services? (Choose four.)

3) A company needs to process DOM documents received from its customers through an EJB3 endpoint.Which two APIs will a developer need to invoke to process these DOM documents? (Choose two.)

4) Which two statements are true about JAXR? (Choose two.)

5) A developer intends to use JAXR to update information in a UDDI registry.Which two statements are true about JAXR? (Choose two.)

6) A developer needs to write a Web service that supports user sessions that timeout after 120 seconds.Which configuration file is correct for the developer use?

7) A purchase order Web service is designed to be synchronous, request-response, and HTTP-based. The existing service processes the request immediately. Because of new business requirements, the service can take up to ten days to perform a credit check before processing the order.Which two design changes need to be made? (Choose two.)

8) Given the Java fragment and schema: 1. //-- Java code fragment 2. public enum USState {MA, NH} 3. //-- Schema fragment 4. 7. 8. 9. 10. // .NET auto generated code from schema 11. public enum usState { NH, MA } Which statement is true about .Net and WCF interoperability for this data?

9) Which two statements are true about creating a SOAP message with an attachment?(Choose two.)

10) A developer must design a program to parse XML orders, based on a schema the company developed. The original documents serve no purpose after processing, but some derived values will be inserted in the company's RDBMS before the documents are discarded.Which technology should be used to process the orders?
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