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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Given: 1. @WebService(name="LogInventory") 2. public class InventoryReader { 3. @WebMethod(operationName=check? 4. @OneWay 5. public void checkProduct(String name); 6. @WebMethod 7. public void addInventory( 8. @WebParam(name="total") int quantity) 9. throws InventoryException; 10. } Assume the code is free of gross flaws and syntax errors.Which two statements are true?(Choose two.)

2) A company uses Web services to exchange mortgage and credit data as well as digital versions of associated documents. The data is confidential and it is common for the service and client to exchange applications, credit results, reports and more in a request/response format. Recently, the company has become concerned about the substantial cost of processing and message encryption with a PKI approach.What can be done to cut costs?

3) A developer is creating a session bean EJB endpoint for a new application.Which three statements are true about the service? (Choose three.)

4) Which two statements are true about Web services specifications (WS-*)? (Choose two.)

5) A developer is writing a Web service method that needs to accept multiple types of requests. Based on the request's content, the service performs time-consuming steps, such as verifying the user's account, checking credit ratings, and building a list of offers.Which two approaches are appropriate to use in this situation? (Choose two.)

6) An enterprise has a requirement to create a Web service to accept purchase orders. The order data contains some authorization information that is specific to each order (such as,who can access which parts of the order).Keeping in mind future enhancements in types of orders that the enterprise needs to accept, which two design solutions provide the most flexibility? (Choose two.)

7) A company is undergoing a massive security audit and they are examining how an application complies with the WS-Security specification for Web service message security standards.What are the three key standards combined by WS-Security? (Choose three.)

8) An online bookstore wants to make its book catalog available as a Web service. The bookstore needs to track users of the service. The data exchanged consists of the ISBN number, author's name, and price. Which two security mechanisms allow the bookstore to track users without the overhead of encryption?(Choose two.)

9) Which two statements are true about WSDL 1.1 and the Basic Profile? (Choose two.)

10) A team of developers is designing RESTful Web services for a new application.What are three properties of the services? (Choose three.)
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