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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) A Java EE 5 Application server has four different security realms for user management. One of the security realms is custom made. This realm supports only individual user entries, no grouping of users, and is used by the application. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

2) Consider a deep inheritance hierarchy consisting of Java Persistence entity classes, non-entities, and mapped superclasses. Which statement is correct, assuming NO mapping descriptor is present?

3) Which component can use a container-managed entity manager with an extended persistence context?

4) A Java Persistence application wants to use optimistic locking. Which statement that describes the functionality of optimistic locking is correct?

5) The Java Persistence API defines a notion of propagation of a persistence context. Which statement is correct?

6) Given the method invocation sequence: Method 1 calls Method 2 Method 2 calls Method 3 Method 1 calls Method 4 And the transaction scope: Method 1: Transaction A Method 2: Transaction A Method 3: Transaction A Method 4: Transaction B Assuming Method 1 is invoked by a client without an existing transaction context, which set of transaction attributes will support this scope?

7) A developer wants to create a Java Persistence query that will include a subquery. Which three are true? (Choose three.)

8) Which method always throws an exception when invoked on a container-managed entity manager?

9) A Java EE 5 application contains a session bean which uses a security role USER. A group called people is defined in an LDAP server. Which two define appropriate EJB role responsibilities? (Choose two.)

10) A developer wants to perform programmatic access control inside EJB 3.0 session beans. This is needed because some permissions can be determined only at application runtime.Which method achieves this goal?
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