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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Which is the valid use of the javax.ejb.Init annotation?

2) Which two are true about the Java EE 5 client-view of a message-driven bean? (Choose two.)

3) Which statement is correct about a Java EE client of a message-driven bean?

4) FooBean and BarBean are both EJB 3.0 stateless session beans with container-managed transaction demarcation. All business methods in FooBean have transaction attribute REQUIRED, and all business methods in BarBean have transaction attribute REQUIRES_NEW. The business method foo in FooBean invokes the business method bar in BarBean. Given: 10. public class BarBean { 11. public void bar() { 12. throw new RuntimeException("unexpected error..."); 13. } Which is true about the result of this method invocation assuming execution reaches Line 12?

5) A developer wants to create a Java Persistence query that restricts the results of an age-based query. Specifically, the developer wants to select everyone who is NOT a teenager. (A teenager is someone who is 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, or 19 years old.) Which expression in the query's WHERE clause is correct?

6) Bean Provider has been asked to write a stateless session bean, MyBean with a single method breakout. A System Administrator guarantees that all clients accessing the bean will be identified by mutual SSL authentication. The Bean Provider's task is to ensure that breakout always logs identity information of the client that invoked it. Which solution would satisfy this requirement?

7) A developer is working on a user registration application using EJB 3.0. A business method registerUser in stateless session bean RegistrationBean performs the user registration. The registerUser method executes in a transaction context started by the client. If some invalid user data causes the registration to fail, the client invokes registerUser again with corrected data using the same transaction. Which design can meet this requirement?

8) A developer writes a stateless session bean with one local business interface and with container-managed transactions. All business methods have transaction attribute REQUIRED.The bean has an injected field sessionCtx of the type SessionContext. Which two operations are allowed in a business method of the bean? (Choose two.)

9) A developer creates the following session bean: 10. @Stateless 11. @RolesAllowed("SECRET") 12. public class MyBean implements MyInterface { 13. public void methodA() {} 14. @PermitAll 15. public void methodB() {} 16. @DenyAll 17. public void methodC() {} 18. } No deployment descriptor is supplied. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

10) A developer is working with an entity User, which has an identity field and a salary field. Which Java Persistence query will return those users with the highest salaries?
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