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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Bean A is using bean-managed transaction demarcation and has invoked the foo method of bean B. When the foo method returns, bean A needs to determine if the transaction has been set to rollback. Which must be true?

2) A Java Persistence application uses a Version attribute to manage concurrent updates. Which is true?

3) The Java Persistence entity LineItem defines a composite primary key that is defined by the two columns ORDERID and LINEITEMID in the database. Which two are true? (Choose two.)

4) A developer implements a session bean with a method doStuff which behaves differently depending on the caller's security role. Only users in security roles "ADMIN" and "USER" are allowed to call the method. Assume that there is no security-related metadata in the deployment descriptor. Which two, taken in combination, are appropriate to accomplish this? (Choose two.)

5) Which statement about entity manager is true?

6) A developer writes a stateful session bean called FooBean. Which code can be inserted before Line 11 of the FooBean class to define a TYPE-level environment dependency on a JMS Topic? 11. public class FooBean { 12. 13. public void foo() {} 14. 15. }

7) A developer writes a stateless session bean FooBean and uses its deployment descriptor to declare a local ejb dependency on a stateful session bean in the same ejb-jar. barRef acme.Bar BarBean acme.FooBean bar Which environment annotation, when declared within the FooBean bean class, is equivalent to the ejb-local-ref shown above?

8) Using bean-managed transaction demarcation, under which two circumstances must the container roll back a transaction? (Choose two.)

9) A developer creates a stateless session bean, EmployeeServiceBean,and itsinterface,EmployeeService. The session bean uses two annotated entity classes, Employee.class and Department.class. Which two packaging options can the developer use when creating a deployable EAR? The proposed directory structure is listed for each option. (Choose two.)

10) Given this Java EE application that uses a JTA application-managed entity manager: 20. UserTransaction utx = ...; 21. utx.begin(); 22. // insert code here 23. utx.commit(); Which two code fragments can be used on Line 22 to persist an order instance assuming that all references are properly initialized? (Choose two.)
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