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Total No Of Questions: 20.
1) The practice of "bundling" refers to

2) What is the name of the technique in which the operating system of a computer executes several programs concurrently by switching back and forth between them?

3) In analyzing the compilation of PL/I program, the description "resolving symbolic address (labels) and generating machine language" is associated with

4) Which, of the following is not true about the description of a decision table?

5) The powerful text editor called PC-Write can be used by anybody by paying a small fee. Such programs are called

6) In analyzing the compilation of PL/I program, the term "Machine independent optimization" is associated with

7) System generation:

8) Advantage(s) of using assembly language rather than machine language is (are)

9) Which of the following is a type of systems software used on microcomputers?

10) The advantage of a command processor running only built-in commands is
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