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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Your database is functional with a peak load for the last one hour. You want to preserve the performance statistics collected during this period to be used for comparison when you analyze the performance of the database in the future. What action would you take to achieve this task?

2) In a new installation of Oracle Database 11g, you perform these activities: 1. Organize software and data on different subdirectories to avoid poor performance. 2. Use consistent naming conventions for database files. 3. Separate administrative information pertaining to the database in different directories.Which option corresponds to the type of activities you performed?

3) You have recently collected statistics on certain objects of a schema in your database. But you observe suboptimal execution plans for the queries on these objects after two days of statistics collection. The optimizer statistics retention period is set to its default value. Which action would help to use the previous set of statistics on the objects?

4) Which two operations can be performed on an external table? (Choose two.)

5) Which two statements are true regarding B-tree index? (Choose two.)

6) Which three statements are correct about temporary tables? (Choose three.)

7) A constraint in a table is defined with the INITIALLY IMMEDIATE clause. You executed the ALTER TABLE command with the ENABLE VALIDATE option to enable the constraint that was disabled. What are the two effects of this command? (Choose two.)

8) Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM) has been enabled for your database instance.The initialization parameters for the components that are managed by ASMM are not set. After observing the effects of ASMM, you executed the following command: SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET DB_CACHE_SIZE = 100M; Which statement is true in this scenario?

9) You are working on a database that must be functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The database is configured in ARCHIVELOG mode. Which two options do you have for performing user-managed backups? (Choose two.)

10) You executed the following command to perform a backup of the USERS tablespace: SQL> ALTER TABLESPACE users BEGIN BACKUP; ALTER TABLESPACE users BEGIN BACKUP * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01123: cannot start online backup; media recovery not enabled What could be the reason for this error?
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