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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Which two statements are true about checkpointing? (Choose two.)

2) You plan to move data from a flat file to a table in your database. You decide to use SQL*Loader direct path load method to perform this task. The table in which you plan to load data is an important table having various integrity constraints defined on it. Which constraints will remain enabled by default during this operation? (Choose all that apply.)

3) You have an ORDERS table with the following structure: Name Null? Type ---- ---------- OID NUMBER(6) ODATE DATE CCODE NUMBER(6) OAMT NUMBER(10,2) The table has data in the ODATE column for all rows. Many orders are placed in a single day.You need to ensure that the ODATE column must contain data for every order in future. Which method would serve the purpose?

4) To make audit information more productive, the DBA executes the following command before starting an audit operation: SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET AUDIT_TRAIL=DB,EXTENDED SCOPE=SPFILE; Which statement is true regarding the audit record generated when auditing starts after restarting the database?

5) You are in the middle of a transaction updating a very important table. The machine on which a database was running reboots because of power outage. This caused a database instance failure. Which statement is true in this situation?

6) You want to create a role to meet these requirements: 1. The role is to be protected from unauthorized usage. 2. The password of the role is not to be embedded in the application source code or stored in a table.Which method would you use to restrict enabling of such roles?

7) User SCOTT executes the following command on the EMP table but has not issued COMMIT,ROLLBACK, or any data definition language (DDL) command: SQL> SELECT ename FROM emp 2 WHERE job='CLERK' FOR UPDATE OF empno; SCOTT has opened another session to work with the database instance. Which three operations would wait when issued in SCOTT's second session? (Choose three.)

8) Identify two situations in which the block header grows in a data block. (Choose two.)

9) All the database users are presently connected to the database instance and working. The HR user has opened three database sessions and executed the following command in one of his sessions: SQL> UPDATE persons SET ccode='U031' WHERE ccode='U029'; 123 rows updated. SQL> DELETE FROM persons WHERE exp='Y'; 3 rows deleted. The SYS user opens a new session after HR executed the above commands.Which sessions can see the effect of the UPDATE and DELETE commands?

10) Automatic Shared Memory Management is disabled for your database instance. You realize that there are cases of SQL statements performing poorly because of repeated parsing activity,resulting in degradation of performance. What would be your next step to improve performance?
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