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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Your database instance is configured with automatic undo management and the UNDO_RETENTION parameter is set to 900 seconds. You executed the following command to enable retention guarantee: SQL> ALTER TABLESPACE undotbs1 RETENTION GUARANTEE; What effect would this command have on the database?

2) You have an ORDERS table with the following structure: Name Null? Type ---- ---------- OID NUMBER(6) ODATE DATE CCODE NUMBER(6) OAMT NUMBER(10,2) The table has data in the ODATE column for all rows. Many orders are placed in a single day.You need to ensure that the ODATE column must contain data for every order in future. Which method would serve the purpose?

3) Note the following structures in your database server: 1. Extents 2. OS Blocks 3. Tablespace 4. Segments 5. Oracle Data Block Which option has the correct arrangement of these structures from the smallest to the largest?

4) Examine the following steps performed on a database instance: 1. The DBA grants the CREATE TABLE system privilege to the SKD user with ADMIN OPTION. 2. The SKD user creates a table. 3. The SKD user grants the CREATE TABLE system privilege to the HR user. 4. The HR user creates a table. 5. The DBA revokes the CREATE TABLE system privilege from SKD. Which statement is true after step 5 is performed?

5) You executed this command to create a temporary table : SQL> CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE report_work_area (startdate DATE, enddate DATE,class CHAR(20)) ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS;Which statement is true about the rows inserted into the REPORT_WORK_AREA table during a transaction?

6) Which naming method uses the tnsnames.ora file to store the connect descriptor used by the client while connecting to the database instance from a remote machine?

7) User SCOTT executes the following command on the EMP table but has not issued COMMIT,ROLLBACK, or any data definition language (DDL) command: SQL> SELECT ename FROM emp 2 WHERE job='CLERK' FOR UPDATE OF empno; SCOTT has opened another session to work with the database instance. Which three operations would wait when issued in SCOTT's second session? (Choose three.)

8) You are working on an instance started using the SPFILE. You want to move the Flash Recovery Area of your database to a new location. You want the Flashback log files to be stored in the new location. Given below are the steps to accomplish the task in random order: 1) Shut down the instance. 2) Change the value of the DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST initialization parameter to a new value. 3) Execute the ALTER DATABASE FLASHBACK OFF command. 4) Start up the instance and mount the database. 5) Execute the ALTER DATABASE FLASHBACK ON command. 6) Open the database. Select the correct order in which these tasks need to be performed.

9) In which of the scenarios will the DBA perform recovery? (Choose all that apply.)

10) Which statements are true regarding the creation of an incident package file by using the EM Workbench Support? (Choose all that apply.)
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