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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Examine this procedure: CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE DELETE_PLAYER (V_ID IN NUMBER) IS BEGIN DELETE FROM PLAYER WHERE ID = V_ID; EXCEPTION WHEN STATS_EXITS_EXCEPTION THEN DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE (‘Cannot delete this player, child records exist in PLAYER_BAT_STAT table’); END; What prevents this procedure from being created successfully?

2) Which two statements are true about SecureFile LOB options? (Choose two.)

3) OE and SCOTT are the users in the database. The ORDERS table is owned by OE. Evaluate the statements issued by the DBA in the following sequence: CREATE ROLE r1; GRANT SELECT, INSERT ON oe.orders TO r1; GRANT r1 TO scott; GRANT SELECT ON oe.orders TO scott; REVOKE SELECT ON oe.orders FROM scott; What would be the outcome after executing the statements?

4) A CALL statement inside the trigger body enables you to call ______.

5) Which two statements about packages are true? (Choose two)

6) Examine the commands: CREATE TYPE typ_course_tab IS VARRAY(5) OF VARCHAR2(20) / CREATE TYPE typ_course_nst AS TABLE OF typ_course_tab / CREATE TABLE faculty (faculty_id NUMBER(5), faculty_name VARCHAR2(30), courses typ_course_nst) NESTED TABLE courses STORE AS course_stor_tab / INSERT INTO faculty VALUES (101, 'Jones', NULL); UPDATE (SELECT courses FROM faculty WHERE faculty_id=101) SET courses = typ_course_nst(11,'Oracle'); Which statement is true about the execution of these commands?

7) Which three tasks can be performed using regular expression support in Oracle Database 10g? (Choose three.)

8) Which two statements are true about the working of fine-grained access? (Choose two.)

9) The OLD and NEW qualifiers can be used in which type of trigger?

10) View the Exhibit and examine the procedure to create a trigger name based on the table name supplied to the procedure. Which three statements are appropriate for protecting the code in the procedure from SQL injection? (Choose three.)
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