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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) Examine this code: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION calc_sal(p_salary NUMBER) RETURN NUMBER IS v_raise NUMBER(4,2) DEFAULT 1.08; BEGIN RETURN v_raise * p_salary; END calc_sal; / Which statement accurately call the stored function CALC_SAL? (Choose two)

2) Examine this code: CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE bonus IS g_max_bonus NUMBER := .99; FUNCTION calc_bonus (p_emp_id NUMBER) RETURN NUMBER; FUNCTION calc_salary (p_emp_id NUMBER) RETURN NUMBER; END; / CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY bonus IS v_salary employees.salary%TYPE; v_bonus employees.commission_pct%TYPE; FUNCTION calc_bonus (p_emp_id NUMBER) RETURN NUMBER IS BEGIN SELECT salary, commission_pct INTO v_salary, v_bonus FROM employees WHERE employee_id = p_emp_id; RETURN v_bonus * v_salary; END calc_bonus FUNCTION calc_salary (p_emp_id NUMBER) RETURN NUMBER IS BEGIN SELECT salary, commission_pct INTO v_salary, v_bonus FROM employees WHERE employees RETURN v_bonus * v_salary + v_salary; END cacl_salary; END bonus; / Which statement is true?

3) Local procedure A calls remote procedure B. Procedure B was compiled at 8 A.M. Procedure A was modified and recompiled at 9 A.M. Remote procedure B was later modified and recompiled at 11 A.M.The dependency mode is set to TIMESTAMP.What happens when procedure A is invoked at 1 P.M?

4) Which two program declarations are correct for a stored program unit? (Choose two)

5) Examine this code: CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER secure_emp BEFORE LOGON ON employees BEGIN IF (TO_CHAR(SYSDATE, ‘DY’) IN (‘SAT’, ‘SUN’)) OR (TO_CHAR(SYSDATE, ‘HH24:MI’) NOT BETWEEN ’08:00’ AND ’18:00’) THEN RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR (-20500, ‘You may insert into the EMPLOYEES table only during business hours.’); END IF; END; / What type of trigger is it?

6) Which two types of query results cannot be stored in the query result cache? (Choose two.)

7) View the Exhibit and examine the descriptions of ORDER_ITEMS and ORDERS tables.You want to display the CUSTOMER_ID, PRODUCT_ID, and total (UNIT_PRICE multiplied by QUANTITY) for the order placed. You also want to display the subtotals for a CUSTOMER_ID as well as for a PRODUCT_ID for the last six months.Which SQL statement would you execute to get the desired output?

8) In a user session, tracing is enabled as follows: SQL> EXECUTE DBMS_TRACE.SET_PLSQL_TRACE(DBMS_TRACE.TRACE_ENABLED_LINES); PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. You executed the procedure as follows: SQL> EXECUTE PROC10 PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. When you examine the PLSQL_TRACE_EVENTS table, you find that no trace information was written into it. View the Exhibit. What is the reason for this?

9) A CALL statement inside the trigger body enables you to call ______.

10) In which scenario would you use the ROLLUP operator for expression or columns within a GROUP BY clause?
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