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Total No Of Questions: 100.
1) The database instance was recently started up. Examine the following parameter settings for the database instance: NAME TYPE VALUE ------------------------------------ ----------- ---------------------------- ......... result_cache_max_result integer 5 result_cache_max_size big integer 0 result_cache_mode string MANUAL result_cache_remote_expiration integer 0 ......... You reset the value for the result_cache_max_size parameter by issuing the following command: SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET result_cache_max_size = 1056k SCOPE = BOTH; System altered. Which statement is true in this scenario?

2) Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

3) Examine the commands: CREATE TYPE typ_course_tab IS VARRAY(5) OF VARCHAR2(20) / CREATE TYPE typ_course_nst AS TABLE OF typ_course_tab / CREATE TABLE faculty (faculty_id NUMBER(5), faculty_name VARCHAR2(30), courses typ_course_nst) NESTED TABLE courses STORE AS course_stor_tab / INSERT INTO faculty VALUES (101, 'Jones', NULL); UPDATE (SELECT courses FROM faculty WHERE faculty_id=101) SET courses = typ_course_nst(11,'Oracle'); Which statement is true about the execution of these commands?

4) EMPDET is an external table containing the columns EMPNO and ENAME. Which command would work in relation to the EMPDET table?

5) View the Exhibit and examine the descriptions of ORDER_ITEMS and ORDERS tables.You want to display the CUSTOMER_ID, PRODUCT_ID, and total (UNIT_PRICE multiplied by QUANTITY) for the order placed. You also want to display the subtotals for a CUSTOMER_ID as well as for a PRODUCT_ID for the last six months.Which SQL statement would you execute to get the desired output?

6) View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the EMPLOYEES table.You want to retrieve hierarchical data of the employees using the top-down hierarchy. Which SQL clause would let you choose the direction to walk through the hierarchy tree?

7) Which three are valid ways to minimize dependency failure? (Choose three)

8) Which two programming constructs can be grouped within a package? (Choose two)

9) View the Exhibit to examine the PL/SQL code for the GET_METADATA function. Which statement is true about the metadata gathered by the function?

10) View the Exhibit and examine the description of the CUSTOMERS table.You want to add a constraint on the CUST_FIRST_NAME column of the CUSTOMERS table so that the value inserted in the column does not have numbers.Which SQL statement would you use to accomplish the task?
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