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Total No Of Questions: 20.
1) How can you navigate around virtual consoles?

2) What command is used to remove files?

3) Layer one of the OSI model is

4) What protocol(s) is(are) allowed a user to retrieve her/his mail from the mail server to her/his mail reader?

5) What command is used to count the number of files in the current directory by using pipes?

6) What are the appropriate Hex codes for setting Linux swap and Linux native partition types in fdisk?

7) What layer protocol is responsible for user and the application programme support such as passwords, resource sharing, file transfer and network management?

8) What command is used with vi editor to save file and remain in the editing mode?

9) What script is run for setting bash global defaults for all users?

10) How can you rebuild the RPM file to include the new patches?
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