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Total No Of Questions: 50.
1) You need to retrieve the username cookie from an HTTP request. If this cookie does NOT exist, then the c variable will be null. Which code snippet must be used to retrieve this cookie object?


Which element of a web application deployment descriptor

<security-constraint> element is required?

3) You are designing an n-tier Java EE application. You have already decided that some of your JSPs will need to get data from a Customer entity bean. You are trying to decide whether to use a Customer stub object or a Transfer Object. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


You are creating a content management system (CMS) with a web

application front-end. The JSP that displays a given document in the CMS has the following general


1. <%-- tag declaration --%>

2. <t:document>


11. <t:paragraph>... <t:citation docID='xyz' /> ...</t:paragraph>


99. </t:document>

The citation tag must store information in the document tag for the document tag to generate a reference section at the end of the generated web page.

The document tag handler follows the Classic tag model and the citation tag handler follows the Simple

tag model. Furthermore, the citation tag could also be embedded in other custom tags that could have

either the Classic or Simple tag handler model.

Which tag handler method allows the citation tag to access the document tag?

5) Which two are valid and equivalent? (Choose two.)

6) Which two are true about the JSTL core iteration custom tags? (Choose two.)

7) Given a web application in which the request parameter productID contains a product identifier. Which two EL expressions evaluate the value of the productID? (Choose two.)

8) Which JSTL code snippet can be used to perform URL rewriting?


Given an EL function declared with:

11. <function>

12. <name>spin</name>

13. <function-class>com.example.Spinner</function-class>

14. <function-signature>

15. java.lang.String spinIt()

16. </function-signature>

17. </function>

Which two are true? (Choose two.)



5. public class MyTagHandler extends TagSupport {

6. public int doStartTag() throws JspException {

7. try {

8. // insert code here

9. } catch(Exception ex) { /* handle exception */ }

10. return super.doStartTag();

11. }


42. }

Which code snippet, inserted at line 8, causes the value foo to be output?