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Total No Of Questions: 50.

Which two are true concerning the objects available to developers creating tag files? (Choose two.)

2) Which two are true about the JSTL core iteration custom tags? (Choose two.)

3) Which JSTL code snippet produces the output "big number" when X is greater than 42, but outputs "small number" in all other cases?


Developer is designing a web application which extensively uses EJBs and JMS. The developer finds that there is a lot of duplicated code to build the JNDI contexts to access the beans and queues. Further, because of the complexity, there are numerous errors in the code.

Which J2EE design pattern provides a solution for this problem?



11. <% java.util.Map map = new java.util.HashMap();

12. request.setAttribute("map", map);

13. map.put("a", "true");

14. map.put("b", "false");

15. map.put("c", "42"); %>

Which three EL expressions are valid and evaluate to true? (Choose three.)


Every page of your web site must include a common set of navigation menus at the top of the page. This menu is static HTML and changes frequently, so you have decided to use JSP's static import mechanism.

Which JSP code snippet accomplishes this goal?


Which two JSTL URL-related tags perform URL rewriting?

(Choose two.)

8) Your web application uses a simple architecture in which servlets handle requests and then forward to a JSP using a request dispatcher. You need to pass information calculated in the servlet to the JSP for view generation. This information must NOT be accessible to any other servlet, JSP or session in the webapp. Which two techniques can you use to accomplish this goal?(Choose two.)

9) You have built a web application that you license to small businesses. The webapp uses a context parameter, called licenseExtension, which enables certain advanced features based on your client's license package. When a client pays for a specific service, you provide them with a license extension key that they insert into the <context-param> of the deployment descriptor. Not every client will have this context parameter so you need to create a context listener to set up a default value in the licenseExtension parameter. Which code snippet will accomplish this goal?

10) You need to store a Java long primitive attribute, called customerOID, into the session scope. Which two code snippets allow you to insert this value into the session? (Choose two.)