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Total No Of Questions: 50.
1) You have been contracted to create a web site for a free dating service. One feature is the ability for one client to send a message to another client, which is displayed in the latter client's private page. Your contract explicitly states that security is a high priority. Therefore, you need to prevent cross-site hacking in which one user inserts JavaScript code that is then rendered and invoked when another user views that content. Which two JSTL code snippets will prevent cross-site hacking in the scenario above? (Choose two.)


Which element of the web application deployment descriptor defines the servlet class associated with a servlet instance?


In a JSP-centric shopping cart application, you need to move a client's home address of the Customer object into the shipping address of the Order object. The address data is stored in a value object class called Address with properties for: street address, city, province, country, and postal code. Which two JSP code snippets can be used to accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)


You are building a dating web site. The client's date of birth is collected along with lots of other information. The Person class has a derived method, getAge():int, which returns the person's age calculated from the date of birth and today's date. In one of your JSPs you need to print a special message to clients within the age group of 25 through 35. Which two EL code snippets will return true for this condition? (Choose two.)


You are creating a web form with this HTML:

11. <form action="sendOrder.jsp">

12. <input type="text" name="creditCard">

13. <input type="text" name="expirationDate">

14. <input type="submit">

15. </form>

Which HTTP method is used when sending this request from the browser?

6) A developer for the company web site has been told that users may turn off cookie support in their browsers. What must the developer do to ensure that these customers can still use the web application?

7) A JSP page needs to instantiate a JavaBean to be used by only that page.Which two jsp:useBean attributes must be used to access this attribute in the JSP page? (Choose two.)

8) Which two statements are true about using the isUserInRole method to implement security in a Java EE application? (Choose two.)

9) After a merger with another small business, your company has inherited a legacy WAR file but the original source files were lost. After reading the documentation of that web application, you discover that the WAR file contains a useful tag library that you want to reuse in your own webapp packaged as a WAR file.

What do you need to do to reuse this tag library?


For an HttpServletResponse response, which two create a custom header?(Choose two.)