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Total No Of Questions: 50.

Given an HttpServletRequest request and HttpServletResponse response, which sets a cookie "username" with the value "joe" in a servlet?



11. <servlet>

12. <servlet-name>catalog</servlet-name>

13. <jsp-file>/catalogTemplate.jsp</jsp-file>

14. <load-on-startup>10</load-on-startup>

15. </servlet>

Which two are true? (Choose two.)

3) A developer for the company web site has been told that users may turn off cookie support in their browsers. What must the developer do to ensure that these customers can still use the web application?

4) You are creating a new JSP page and you need to execute some code that acts when the page is first executed, but only once. Which three are possible mechanisms for performing this initialization code?(Choose hree.)


You are developing several tag libraries that will be sold for development of third-party web applications. You are about to publish the first three libraries as JAR files:container-tags.jar, advanced-html-form-tags.jar, and basic-html-form-tags.jar. Which two techniques are appropriate for packaging the TLD files for these tag libraries? (Choose two.)


Every page of your web site must include a common set of navigation menus at the top of the page. This menu is static HTML and changes frequently, so you have decided to use JSP's static import mechanism.

Which JSP code snippet accomplishes this goal?


You are creating a content management system (CMS) with a web

application front-end. The JSP that displays a given document in the CMS has the following general


1. <%-- tag declaration --%>

2. <t:document>


11. <t:paragraph>... <t:citation docID='xyz' /> ...</t:paragraph>


99. </t:document>

The citation tag must store information in the document tag for the document tag to generate a reference section at the end of the generated web page.

The document tag handler follows the Classic tag model and the citation tag handler follows the Simple

tag model. Furthermore, the citation tag could also be embedded in other custom tags that could have

either the Classic or Simple tag handler model.

Which tag handler method allows the citation tag to access the document tag?

8) Which two are valid and equivalent? (Choose two.)

9) Assume the tag handler for a st:simple tag extends SimpleTagSupport. In what way can scriptlet code be used in the body of st:simple?

10) A web application allows the HTML title banner to be set using a servlet context initialization parameter called titleStr. Which two properly set the title in this scenario? (Choose two.)