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Total No Of Questions: 50.
1) For which three events can web application event listeners be registered?(Choose three.)


Which three are valid URL mappings to a servlet in a web deployment descriptor? (Choose three.)


For a given ServletResponse response, which two retrieve an object for writing text data? (Choose two.)


Given tutorial.jsp:

2. <h1>EL Tutorial</h1>

3. <h2>Example 1</h2>

4. <p>

5. Dear ${my:nickname(user)}

6. </p>

Which, when added to the web application deployment descriptor, ensures that line 5 is included verbatim in the JSP output?

5) Assume the scoped attribute priority does NOT yet exist. Which two create and set a new request-scoped attribute priority to the value "medium"? (Choose two.)

6) Which statement is true about web container session management?


Your web application views all have the same header, which includes the <title> tag in the <head> element of the rendered HTML. You have decided to remove this redundant HTML code from your JSPs and put it into a single JSP called /WEB-INF/jsp/header.jsp. However, the title of each page is unique, so you have decided to use a variable called pageTitle to parameterize this in the header JSP, like this:

10. <title>${param.pageTitle}<title>

Which JSP code snippet should you use in your main view JSPs to insert the header and pass the pageTitle variable?

8) A developer is designing the presentation tier for a web application which requires a centralized request handling to complete common processing required by each request. Which design pattern provides a solution to this problem?



3. public class MyTagHandler extends TagSupport {

4. public int doStartTag() {

5. // insert code here

6. // return an int

7. }

8. // more code here


18. }

There is a single attribute foo in the session scope.

Which three code fragments, inserted independently at line 5, return the value of the attribute? (Choose three.)

10) Which interface must a class implement so that instances of the class are notified after any object is added to a session?