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Total No Of Questions: 50.
1) Your company has a corporate policy that prohibits storing a customer's credit card number in any corporate database. However, users have complained that they do NOT want to re-enter their credit card number for each transaction. Your management has decided to use client-side cookies to record the user's credit card number for 120 days. Furthermore, they also want to protect this information during transit from the web browser to the web container; so the cookie must only be transmitted over HTTPS. Which code snippet creates the "creditCard" cookie and adds it to the out going response to be stored on the user's web browser?


You need to create a JSP that generates some JavaScript code to populate an array of strings used on the client-side. Which JSP code snippet will create this array?


You are creating a new JSP page and you need to execute some code that acts when the page is first executed, but only once. Which three are possible mechanisms for performing this initialization code? (Choose three.)

4) A JSP page needs to instantiate a JavaBean to be used by only that page.Which two jsp:useBean attributes must be used to access this attribute in the JSP page? (Choose two.)


Developer has created a special servlet that is responsible for generating XML content that is sent to a data warehousing subsystem. This subsystem uses HTTP to request these large data files, which are compressed by the servlet to save internal network bandwidth. The developer has received a request from management to create several more of these data warehousing servlets. The developer is about to copy and paste the compression code into each new servlet. Which design pattern can consolidate this compression code to be used by all of the data warehousing servlets?


Which is a benefit of precompiling a JSP page?

7) Which two are required elements for the <web-resource-collection> element of a web application deployment descriptor? (Choose two.)


You are building a dating service web site. Part of the form to submit a

client's profile is a group of radio buttons for the person's hobbies:

20. <input type='radio' name='hobbyEnum' value='HIKING'>Hiking <br>

21. <input type='radio' name='hobbyEnum' value='SKIING'>Skiing <br>

22. <input type='radio' name='hobbyEnum' value='SCUBA'>SCUBA Diving

23. <!-- and more options -->


After the user submits this form, a confirmation screen is displayed with these hobbies listed. Assume

that an application-scoped variable, hobbies, holds a map between the Hobby enumerated type and the

display name.

Which EL code snippet will display Nth element of the user's selected hobbies?

9) Which two are characteristics of the Service Locator pattern? (Choose two.)


A web application uses the HttpSession mechanism to determine if a user is "logged in." When a user supplies a valid user name and password, an HttpSession is created for that user.The user has access to the application for only 15 minutes after logging in. The code must determine how long the user has been logged in, and if this time is greater than 15 minutes, must destroy the HttpSession.

Which method in HttpSession is used to accomplish this?