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Total No Of Questions: 50.

Your web application requires the ability to load and remove web files dynamically to the web container's file system. Which two HTTP methods are used to perform these actions? (Choose two.)


Which statement is true if the doStartTag method returns


3) Given a web application in which the request parameter productID contains a product identifier. Which two EL expressions evaluate the value of the productID? (Choose two.)

4) Which two are valid values for the <transport-guarantee> element inside a <security-constraint> element of a web application deployment descriptor? (Choose two.)


You are creating a content management system (CMS) with a web

application front-end. The JSP that displays a given document in the CMS has the following general


1. <%-- tag declaration --%>

2. <t:document>


11. <t:paragraph>... <t:citation docID='xyz' /> ...</t:paragraph>


99. </t:document>

The citation tag must store information in the document tag for the document tag to generate a reference section at the end of the generated web page.

The document tag handler follows the Classic tag model and the citation tag handler follows the Simple

tag model. Furthermore, the citation tag could also be embedded in other custom tags that could have

either the Classic or Simple tag handler model.

Which tag handler method allows the citation tag to access the document tag?


You are building your own layout mechanism by including dynamic content for the page's header and footer sections. The footer is always static, but the header generates the <title> tag that requires the page name to be specified dynamically when the header is imported. Which JSP code snippet performs the import of the header content?

7) Which statement is true about web container session management?

8) Which JSTL code snippet can be used to perform URL rewriting?


Given the security constraint in a DD:

101. <security-constraint>

102. <web-resource-collection>

103. <web-resource-name>Foo</web-resource-name>

104. <url-pattern>/Bar/Baz/*</url-pattern>

105. <http-method>POST</http-method>

106. </web-resource-collection>

107. <auth-constraint>

108. <role-name>DEVELOPER</role-name>

109. </auth-constraint>

110. </security-constraint>

And given that "MANAGER" is a valid role-name, which four are true for this security constraint?(Choose four.)

10) What is the purpose of session management?