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Total No Of Questions: 50.
1) You have a simple web application that has a single Front Controller servlet  hat dispatches to JSPs to generate a variety of views. Several of these views require further database processing to retrieve the necessary order object using the orderID request parameter. To do this additional processing, you pass the request first to a servlet that is mapped to the URL pattern WEB-INF/ in the deployment descriptor. This servlet takes two request parameters, the orderID and the jspURL. It handles the database calls to retrieve and build the complex order objects and then it dispatches to the jspURL. Which code snippet in the Front Controller servlet dispatches the request to the order retrieval servlet?

2) If you want to use the Java EE platform's built-in type of authentication that uses a custom HTML page for authentication, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

3) Which basic authentication type is optional for a J2EE 1.4 compliant web container?

4) For manageability purposes, you have been told to add a "count" instance variable to a critical JSP Document so that a JMX MBean can track how frequent this JSP is being invoked. Which JSP code snippet must you use to declare this instance variable in the JSP Document?

5) You need to store a Java long primitive attribute, called customerOID, into the session scope. Which two code snippets allow you to insert this value into the session? (Choose two.)



6. <myTag:foo bar='42'>

7. <%="processing" %>

8. </myTag:foo>

and a custom tag handler for foo which extends TagSupport.

Which two are true about the tag handler referenced by foo? (Choose two.)



11. <% java.util.Map map = new java.util.HashMap();

12. request.setAttribute("map", map);

13. map.put("a", "b");

14. map.put("b", "c");

15. map.put("c", "d"); %>

16. <%-- insert code here --%>

Which three EL expressions, inserted at line 16, are valid and evaluate to "d"? (Choose three.)


Given an EL function declared with:

11. <function>

12. <name>spin</name>

13. <function-class>com.example.Spinner</function-class>

14. <function-signature>

15. java.lang.String spinIt()

16. </function-signature>

17. </function>

Which two are true? (Choose two.)


You are building your own layout mechanism by including dynamic content for the page's header and footer sections. The footer is always static, but the header generates the <title> tag that requires the page name to be specified dynamically when the header is imported. Which JSP code snippet performs the import of the header content?

10) Which JSTL code snippet produces the output "big number" when X is greater than 42, but outputs "small number" in all other cases?