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Total No Of Questions: 50.
1) Your management has required that all JSPs be created to generate XHTML-compliant content and to facilitate that decision, you are required to create all JSPs using the JSP Document format. In the reviewOrder.jspx page, you need to use several core JSTL tags to process the collection of order items in the customer's shopping cart. Which JSP code snippets must you use in the reviewOrder.jspx page?


In which three directories, relative to a web application's root, may a tag library descriptor file reside when deployed directly into a web application? (Choose three.)

3) What is true about Java EE authentication mechanisms?


Given this fragment in a servlet:

23. if(req.isUserInRole("Admin")) {

24. // do stuff

25. }

And the following fragment from the related Java EE deployment descriptor:

812. <security-role-ref>

813. <role-name>Admin</role-name>

814. <role-link>Administrator</role-link>

815. </security-role-ref>

900. <security-role>

901. <role-name>Admin</role-name>

902. <role-name>Administrator</role-name>

903. </security-role>

What is the result?

5) A developer is designing a multi-tier web application and discovers a need to hide the details of establishing and maintaining remote communications from the client. In addition, the application needs to find, in a transparent manner, the heterogeneous business components used to service the client's requests. Which design patterns, working together, address these issues?



String value = getServletContext().getInitParameter("foo");

in an HttpServlet and a web application deployment descriptor that contains:





Which two are true? (Choose two.)

7) A web application allows the HTML title banner to be set using a servlet context initialization parameter called titleStr. Which two properly set the title in this scenario? (Choose two.)

8) What is the purpose of session management?

9) Which two directives are applicable only to tag files? (Choose two.)

10) Which three are true about TLD files? (Choose three.)