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Total No Of Questions: 50.
1) You are creating a new JSP page and you need to execute some code that acts when the page is first executed, but only once. Which three are possible mechanisms for performing this initialization code?(Choose hree.)

2) After a merger with another small business, your company has inherited a legacy WAR file but the original source files were lost. After reading the documentation of that web application, you discover that the WAR file contains a useful tag library that you want to reuse in your own webapp packaged as a WAR file.

What do you need to do to reuse this tag library?


Given an EL function declared with:

11. <function>

12. <name>spin</name>

13. <function-class>com.example.Spinner</function-class>

14. <function-signature>

15. java.lang.String spinIt()

16. </function-signature>

17. </function>

Which two are true? (Choose two.)


A developer is designing a web application that must verify for each request:The originating request is from a trusted network.

The client has a valid session.

The client has been authenticated.

Which design pattern provides a solution in this situation?



String value = getServletContext().getInitParameter("foo");

in an HttpServlet and a web application deployment descriptor that contains:





Which two are true? (Choose two.)

6) You have a simple web application that has a single Front Controller servlet  hat dispatches to JSPs to generate a variety of views. Several of these views require further database processing to retrieve the necessary order object using the orderID request parameter. To do this additional processing, you pass the request first to a servlet that is mapped to the URL pattern WEB-INF/ in the deployment descriptor. This servlet takes two request parameters, the orderID and the jspURL. It handles the database calls to retrieve and build the complex order objects and then it dispatches to the jspURL. Which code snippet in the Front Controller servlet dispatches the request to the order retrieval servlet?

7) Within the web application deployment descriptor, which defines a valid JNDI environment entry?


The Squeaky Beans Inc. shopping application was initially developed for a non-distributed environment. The company recently purchased the Acme Application Server, which supports distributed HttpSession objects. When deploying the application to the server, the deployer marks it as distributable in the web application deployment descriptor to take advantage of this feature.

Given this scenario, which two must be true? (Choose two.)

9) You have been contracted to create a web site for a free dating service. One feature is the ability for one client to send a message to another client, which is displayed in the latter client's private page. Your contract explicitly states that security is a high priority. Therefore, you need to prevent cross-site hacking in which one user inserts JavaScript code that is then rendered and invoked when another user views that content. Which two JSTL code snippets will prevent cross-site hacking in the scenario above? (Choose two.)

10) You need to store a floating point number, called Tsquare, in the session scope. Which two code snippets allow you to retrieve this value? (Choose two.)