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Total No Of Questions: 40.
1) Testing with out a real plan and test cases is called ---

2) A program with high cyclometic complexity is almost likely to be:

3) What is the MAIN purpose of a Master Test Plan?

4) System testing should investigate

5) Recovery testing is a system test that forces the software to fail and verifies that data recovery is properly performed. The following should be checked for correctness 1. Re-initialization 2. Restart 3. Data Recovery 4. Check Point Mechanism

6) Maintenance releases and technical assistance centers are examples of which of the following costs of quality?

7) Poor software characteristics are

8) During the software development process, at what point can the test process start?

9) Which of these are objectives for software testing?

10) Tool which stores requirement statements, check for consistency and allow requirements to be prioritized and enable individual tests to be traceable to requirements, functions and features.
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