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Total No Of Questions: 40.
1) A program validates a numeric field as follows: Values less than 10 are rejected, values between 10 and 21 are accepted, values greater than or equal to 22 are rejected. Which of the following input values cover all of the equivalence partitions?

2) Which of the following are disadvantages of capturing tests by recording the actions of a manual tester? i.The script may be unstable when unexpected events occur. ii.Data for a number of similar tests is automatically stored separately from the script. iii.Expected results must be added to the captured script. iv.The captured script documents the exact inputs entered by the tester. v.When replaying a captured test, the tester may need to debug the script if it doesnít play correctly.

3) The number of tests to test all control statements equals the cyclomatic complexity

4) Which of the following tools is most likely to contain a comparator?

5) Which is the MOST important advantage of independence in testing?

6) Which of these are objectives for software testing?

7) Find the correct flow of the phases of a formal review

8) Consider the following statements: i.100% statement coverage guarantees 100% branch coverage. ii.100% branch coverage guarantees 100% statement coverage. iii.100% branch coverage guarantees 100% decision coverage. iv.100% decision coverage guarantees 100% branch coverage. v.100% statement coverage guarantees 100% decision coverage.

9) Which of the following is NOT a type of non-functional test?

10) Which is not the project risks
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