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Total No Of Questions: 40.
1) Which is not a testing principle

2) What is the main purpose of impact analysis for testers?

3) Testing with out a real plan and test cases is called ---

4) The process of designing test cases consists of the following activities: i. Elaborate and describe test cases in detail by using test design techniques. ii. Specify the order of test case execution. iii. Analyze requirements and specifications to determine test conditions. iv. Specify expected results. According to the process of identifying and designing tests, what is the correct order of these activities?

5) Which of these are objectives for software testing?

6) When reporting faults found to developers, testers should be:

7) Which is not the project risks

8) A program with high cyclometic complexity is almost likely to be:

9) Which rule should not be followed for reviews

10) The number of tests to test all control statements equals the cyclomatic complexity
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