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Total No Of Questions: 30.
1) Sondhi said to Lal, “ I cannot help you under the circumstances”.

2) To slap with a flat object. (choose the substitute)

3) My father said to me, “When I was young, I used to play many games.

4) Choose the antonym for the word - KINDLE

5) A person who is indifferent to pain and pleasure( choose the substitute)

6) I heard a glass breaking noise in the living room and ran to see what happened. A pigeon flew ________ the window and broke it.

7) I said to him, “ Cheer up, fried, do not give way to despair”.

8) The teacher told the boys not to be afraid of anything”.

9) He said to me, “Keep quiet and listen to my words”.

10) A person who is new to any profession.
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