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Total No Of Questions: 20.
1) If attribute A determines both attributes B and C, then it is also true that

2) A subquery in an SQL SELECT statement is enclosed in

3) Every time attribute A appears, it is matched with the same value of attribute B, but not the same value of attribute C. Therefore, it is true that:

4) Which type of entity represents a logical generalization whose actual occurrence is represented by a second, associated entity?

5) When three or more AND and OR conditions are combined, it is easier to use the SQL keyword(s)

6) Find the SQL statement below that is equal to the following: SELECT NAME FROM CUSTOMER WHERE STATE = 'VA';

7) Which of the following are the five built-in functions provided by SQL?

8) In an SQL SELECT statement querying a single table, according to the SQL-92 standard the asterisk (*) means that

9) ON UPDATE CASCADE ensures which of the following?

10) A view is which of the following?
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