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Total No Of Questions: 20.

An on-line commercial site such as is an example of a(n) ________ .

2) SQL query and modification commands make up a(n) ________

3) Which of the following is NOT a basic element of all versions of the E-R model?

4) A relation is considered a

5) The SQL keyword(s) ________ is used with wildcards.

6) One solution to the multivalued dependency constraint problem is to

7) When three or more AND and OR conditions are combined, it is easier to use the SQL keyword(s)

8) Which of the following is the correct order of keywords for SQL SELECT statements?

9) Which of the following is a group of one or more attributes that uniquely identifies a row?


Which of the following products was an early implementation of the relational model developed by E.F. Codd of IBM?

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