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Total No Of Questions: 20.
1) The command to eliminate a table from a database is

2) Which of the following refers to something that can be identified in the users' work environment, something that the users want to track?

3) Find the SQL statement below that is equal to the following: SELECT NAME FROM CUSTOMER WHERE STATE = 'VA';

4) In which of the following is a single-entity instance of one type of related to a single-entity instance of another type?

5) A functional dependency is a relationship between or among

6) The Microsoft Access wildcards are ____ and ____ .

7) Entities of a given type are grouped into a(n)

8) In the relational model, relationships between relations or tables are created by using

9) You can add a row using SQL in a database with which of the following?

10) Every time attribute A appears, it is matched with the same value of attribute B, but not the same value of attribute C. Therefore, it is true that:
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