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Total No Of Questions: 20.

Which of the following products was an early implementation of the relational model developed by E.F. Codd of IBM?

2) In which of the following can many entity instances of one type be related to many entity instances of another type?

3) Which of the following is not considered to be a basic element of an enterprise-class database system?

4) If attribute A determines both attributes B and C, then it is also true that


The following are functions of a DBMS except ________ .

6) When the values in one or more attributes being used as a foreign key must exist in another set of one or more attributes in another table, we have created a(n)

7) For some relations, changing the data can have undesirable consequences called


An on-line commercial site such as is an example of a(n) ________ .

9) The SQL WHERE clause

10) The SQL keyword(s) ________ is used with wildcards.
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