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Total No Of Questions: 20.
1) Table is synonymous with the term


Which of the following products was an early implementation of the relational model developed by E.F. Codd of IBM?

3) Which of the following indicates the maximum number of entities that can be involved in a relationship?


Because it contains a description of its own structure, a database is considered to be ________ .

5) A tuple is a(n)

6) Row is synonymous with the term

7) In which of the following is a single-entity instance of one type related to many entity instances of another type?


Which of the following products was the first to implement true relational algebra in a PC DBMS?

9) To define what columns should be displayed in an SQL SELECT statement

10) Find the SQL statement below that is equal to the following: SELECT NAME FROM CUSTOMER WHERE STATE = 'VA';
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