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Total No Of Questions: 40.
1) Which type of Ethernet framing is used for TCP/IP and AppleTalk?

2) As a system administrator, you perform an extended ping at the privileged EXEC prompt. As part of the display, you see "Set DF bit in IP header? [yes] :" What would happen if you answered no at the prompt.

3) What does the "IPX maximum-paths 2" command accomplish?

4) What does the command "IP name-server" accomplish?

5) What is the Cisco name for the encapsulation type used on a serial interface?

6) Routers can learn about destinations through static routes, default, or dynamic routing. By default, a router will use information derived from __________.

7) Which NetWare protocol works on layer 3--network layer--of the OSI model?

8) You are logged into a router, what command would show you the IP addresses of routers connected to you?

9) "sap" is used by the Cisco IOS for which encapsulation types?(Choose three)

10) You are a system administrator on a NetWare network, you are running NetWare 4.11 and you cannot communicate with your router. What is the likely problem?
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