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Total No Of Questions: 40.
1) What is the Cisco name for the encapsulation type used on a serial interface?

2) What does the "IPX maximum-paths 2" command accomplish?

3) To prevent Service Advertisements (SAPs) from flooding a network, Cisco routers do not forward them. How are services advertised to other networks?

4) As a system administrator, you want to debug igrp but are worried that the "debug IP igrp transaction" command will flood the console. What is the command that you should use?

5) IGRP uses flash updates, poison reverse updates, holddown times, and split horizon. How often does it broadcast its routing table updates?

6) To monitor ipx traffic on a network, what command would you use?

7) As a system administrator, you perform an extended ping at the privileged EXEC prompt. As part of the display, you see "Set DF bit in IP header? [yes] :" What would happen if you answered no at the prompt.

8) Which type of Ethernet framing is used for TCP/IP and AppleTalk?

9) The command "show IP protocol" displays which information?(choose two)

10) Which NetWare protocol works on layer 3--network layer--of the OSI model?
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