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Total No Of Questions: 40.
1) As a system administrator, you perform an extended ping at the privileged EXEC prompt. As part of the display, you see "Set DF bit in IP header? [yes] :" What would happen if you answered no at the prompt.

2) Which addresses are INCORRECTLY paired with their class?(Choose Two)

3) When using RIP, routing updates are broadcast every ____ seconds.

4) You are a system administrator on a NetWare network, you are running NetWare 4.11 and you cannot communicate with your router. What is the likely problem?

5) In Novell's use of RIP, there are two metrics used to make routing decisions. Select the two metrics.(choose two)

6) Which type of Ethernet framing is used for TCP/IP and AppleTalk?

7) You are logged into a router, what command would show you the IP addresses of routers connected to you?

8) As system administrator, you type "debug ipx sap" and receive the following lines as part of the IOS response: type 0x4, "HELLO2", 199.0002.0003.0006 (451), 2 hops type 0x4, "HELLO1", 199.0002.0003.0008 (451), 2 hops What does "0x4" signify?

9) "sap" is used by the Cisco IOS for which encapsulation types?(Choose three)

10) A default route is analogous to a _________.
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