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Total No Of Questions: 30.
1) If 40% of a number is added to another number then it becomes 125% of itself. What will be the ratio of first and second number?

2) 20 pumps can empty a reservoir in 12 hours. In how many hours can 45 such pumps do the same work?

3) The difference between the greatest and the smallest numbers is 36.Find the numbers.

4) The sum of the cubes of three numbers is 584 and the ratio of first two numbers and last two numbers is 1 : 2. Find the middle number.

5) A varies inversely with B. When B is 64 units, A is 36 units. Find A when B is 48 units.

6) If 2A = 4B = 5C then find A : B : C.

7) If x and y have the same sign and 4 (8x2 + xy)= 15 y2 then find Y:X = ____

8) In a 40 kg of mixture of sugar and sand, the ratio of sugar to sand is 5 to 3. How many kg of sugar are to be added into the mixture so that the ratio becomes 3 : 1?

9) If 3 chairs cost as much as 5 benches, 8 benches cost as much as 4 tables, 6 tables cost as much as 4 cots. If one cot cost is Rs.3600 then find the cost of one chair.

10) Find x, if 1.68 : 2.52 = 1.46 : x.
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