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Total No Of Questions: 30.
1) Find the least number of completed years in which a sum of money put out at 20% C.I. will be more than doubled.

2) In what time will Rs.1200 amounts to Rs.1344 at 6% p.a?

3) The C.I. and S.I. on a certain sum of money for 2 years are Rs.816 and Rs.800 at the same rate. Find the sum and the rate%.

4) The difference between S.I. and C.I. is Rs.1395 for 3 years is at 10%. Find the sum.

5) Find the difference between the C.I. and S.I. on Rs.8000 for 3 years at 5% p.a.

6) Mr. Gupta deposits Rs.3000 in a bank at 10% p.a. and Rs.5000 in another bank at 8% p.a. Find the rate% for the whole Sum.

7) Sanjay lends Rs.10000 for 2 years at 20% p.a. S.I. After 1 year, he gets Rs.6000. How much will he get in the next year?

8) Poornima borrowed Rs.1000 to build a hut. She pays 5% S.I. She lets the hut to Srikanth and receives the rent of Rs.12 per month from him. In how many years, Poornima ought to clear off the debt?

9) Find the C.I. on Rs.12,000 at 10% for 2 years.

10) Rs.3757 is to be divided between A and b such that A‟s share at the end of 7 years be equal to B‟s share at the end of 9 years. If rate% be 10% p.a. C.I. then find the B‟s share.
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