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Total No Of Questions: 30.
1) A building of worth Rs.81,000 is constructed on a land worth Rs.1,21,000. After how many years will the value of both the same if the building appreciates at 10% p.a. and the land depreciates at 10% p.a.?

2) If a certain Sum of money at S.I. amounts to Rs.2800 in two years and Rs.3250 in 5 years, then find rate % p.a.

3) Calculate the Sum of money that will produce Rs.1700 interest in 7 years at 8% S.I. p.a.

4) A sum of money is borrowed and paid in two equal installments of Rs.729 allowing 8% C.I. What was the sum borrowed?

5) A sum of Rs.8448 is to be divided between A and B who are respectively 18 and 19 years old in such a way that if their share be invested at 6.25% p.a. C.I. they shall receive equal amounts on attaining the age of 21 years. Find the present share of each and how much each will receive at the age of 21?

6) In what time will Rs.1200 amount to Rs.1323 at 5% p.a. C.I.?

7) A man borrows Rs.4000 from a bank at 7 % C.I. At the end of every year, he pays Rs.1500 as part repayment of loan and interest. How much does he still owe to the bank after three such installments?

8) A sum of Rs.1260 is borrowed from a money lender at 10% p.a. compounded annually. If the amount is paid back in two equal installments, find the annual installment.

9) A Sum of money at S.I. becomes 4 times in 24 years. Find the rate% p.a.

10) If S.I. on a certain Sum of money for 2 years is 4/25th of the Sum and the rate% is same as the time period, then find the rate% p.a.
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